Health drink: It is best to keep Matcha tea in the refrigerator

Health drink: It is best to keep Matcha tea in the refrigerator

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Trend drink: Keep green Matcha tea airtight in the fridge
Various exotic "superfoods" have found many new fans in Germany in recent years. Matcha tea is no longer only available in specialty shops. The drink made from special types of green tea should be properly prepared and stored in a cool place.

Large amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
Matcha tea has developed into a new trend drink in Germany in recent years. In the past, green tea powder was almost only available from special online providers, but it can now also be found in conventional shops. It is known for its large amount of antioxidants, important vitamins and minerals. Matcha tea is said to prevent cardiovascular diseases, among other things. So that the aroma of the drink can develop optimally, it should be prepared properly and kept cool.

Green powder from ground tea
The term matcha comes from Japanese and means something like ground tea, the Bavarian Consumer Agency explains in a message. The fine, green powder is foamed with hot water and a bamboo broom.

Certain types of green tea are ground for the powder, whereby according to consumer advocates only the most delicate leaf parts are used.

"For matcha of the highest quality, the tea farmers even remove the leaf veins by hand," explains Heidrun Schubert from the Bavarian Consumer Center. This explains the high price: 30 grams of tea can cost up to 50 euros.

Store airtight in the refrigerator
Cultivation also plays a role in the strong aroma of Matcha tea. If the plants grow in the shade before harvesting, they will increasingly produce aromas and the plant pigment chlorophyll in their leaves.

This ensures the bright green color of the tea powder. "To preserve the aroma, Matcha should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator," advises nutrition expert Schubert.

Matcha tea scores well in the test
Tests have shown in the past that green tea often has a high level of pollution, but Matcha tea was also among the products that performed well in a study by the Stiftung Warentest last year. (ad)

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