Grandma and mother at the same time: 67-year-old carried a baby to her daughter

Grandma and mother at the same time: 67-year-old carried a baby to her daughter

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Grandma and mom at the same time: Greek gives birth to her own grandchild
A 67-year-old woman from Greece delivered her daughter's baby. The doctors initially had concerns about age, but a court had finally given the green light. According to her own statements, she feels "more like a grandmother".

Born at 67 years old
The average age of mothers continues to rise. However, cases of women over 60 who are having children are still the big exception. A Greek woman is now one of these big exceptions. However, her case is doubly unusual: she not only gave birth to a baby at the age of 67; the child is also her grandchild.

Born your own grandchild
As the AFP news agency reports, 67-year-old Anastassia Ontou from Greece has performed a very special service for her daughter. As a surrogate mother, she bore her own grandchild.

The head of the medical team, Konstantinos Pantos, therefore told the state television station ERT that the girl who weighed 1.2 kilograms had been taken by Caesarean section last Tuesday after seven and a half months.

"Feel more like a grandmother"
The private television broadcaster Star told Ontou that the decision was easy for her. "My daughter was devastated because she couldn't carry the child herself."

According to a report in the British Daily Mail, she declared her 43-year-old daughter Konstantina, who had seven failed attempts at pregnancy, "crazy" when she offered to carry the child. "We have cried like never before," said Konstantina.

But the 67-year-old, who lives in a village near Larissa in central Greece, said she had hardly any problems during pregnancy. According to the British newspaper, after the birth she said: "I feel more like a grandmother than a mother."

The court gave the green light
According to international records, Ontou is now the world's oldest grandmother who has given birth to a child for her daughter for medical reasons, explained Pantos.

The head of the fertility clinic in Athens is said to initially have concerns about the age of the grandmother, but a court in Larissa has finally given the green light.

According to health experts, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases with the age of the mother. For example, mothers over the age of 40 have a greatly increased risk of stroke, as scientists from the United States reported. In addition, the risk of miscarriage and premature birth increases. (ad)

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