Festive Season Advice: Which criteria champagne should meet

For Christmas and New Year's Eve: Champagne must meet these criteria
On the Christmas festivities and at the turn of the year, many Germans like to treat themselves to something special. Probably at no other time in Germany will so many champagne bottles be opened. In order to be called "champagne", the sparkling wine has to meet some criteria.

Fine sparkling wine for festive occasions
Champagne is certainly not a regular item on most people's tables. But on certain occasions, many Germans like to treat themselves to a good drop. The king of wines is on many a festive Christmas table and a bottle is opened on New Year's Eve to say goodbye to the old year and to greet the new one. Important to know: only certain sparkling wines can also be called "champagne".

Champagne comes from Champagne
The decisive factor is which region it comes from. "Champagne comes exclusively from the Champagne region in northeastern France and has a high price due to the limited region," said Andrea Danitschek of the Bavarian Consumer Agency in a message from the dpa news agency.

According to the information, only very specific grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir can be used. Champagne is aged in the bottle for at least 15 months. The situation is different with sparkling wine, it can also ferment in large maturing tanks. In addition, it does not have to have a special origin.

Difference between sparkling wine and prosecco
A distinction is also made between sparkling wine and prosecco. "Unlike for sparkling wine, there are precise specifications for Prosecco, from which grape variety and from which region the production must take place," explained Silke Noll from the Bavarian Consumer Center in an older message.

Prosecco was originally the name of a white grape that only grows in a small part of the Veneto region. In 2010, this variety was renamed Glera. Since then, Prosecco must have been made from the Glera grape and bottled in the specific region of Italy.

Pay attention to the correct drinking temperature
No matter if sparkling wine, prosecco or champagne: it is better not to store them for too long. After long storage, carbon dioxide disappears and the taste also becomes weaker.

You should also pay attention to the correct drinking temperature if you want to toast with a glass of champagne: ideally between six and nine degrees.

According to the consumer advice center, the experts are still divided on the choice of glass: "In narrow, tall glasses, the carbon dioxide does not evaporate so quickly, so it bubbles longer," said Danitschek. "But some swear by wide champagne bowls to smell the aroma better." (Ad)

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