Recall: drugstore chain dm calls back stollen confection

Drugstore chain dm starts recalling stollen confectionery again
The drugstore chain dm has started a recall for part of its range of "organic stollen confectionery with marzipan". The product concerned contains hazelnuts, which are not mentioned on the packaging. A similar recall was announced just a few weeks ago.

Recall for sweets with marzipan
The drugstore chain dm is once again recalling part of its "organic stollen confectionery with marzipan" range. "The article contains the allergen hazelnut, which can cause health problems in allergy sufferers," the company wrote in a press release. Affected is the article "dmBio stollen confection 140 g" with the best before date (best before) 08.06.2017.

Contained hazelnuts are not specified on the packaging
According to company information, checks of the product "dmBio stollen confection 140 g" found that "dmBio fine vanilla moons" were inadvertently packed. However, these contain the allergen hazelnut, which is not mentioned on the product packaging of the "dmBio stollen confection 140 g". The goods are safe to consume for non-allergy sufferers.

Avoid health risks
People who suffer from a food allergy are particularly dependent on the correct labeling of the ingredients in food in order to avoid health risks from the accidental intake of the allergens.

Nut allergies in particular are a major burden. In addition to complaints such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, anaphylactic shock with acute circulatory failure is also possible in the worst case.

Similar recall in October
Customers are asked to return the affected products to the point of sale, whether unopened or already opened. The purchase price will be refunded.

The chain had only recalled another batch of the same product at the end of October. At that time, spelled stars were accidentally packed that contained hazelnuts that were not listed on the packaging. (ad)

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