Cold Suffering: How Helpful are Chicken Soup and Natural Home Remedies?

Natural home remedies: do chicken soup and co help against colds?
The temperatures for the beginning of winter are still relatively moderate, but the wet and cold weather has long caused an increase in colds. To prevent cough, runny nose and the like, it helps to strengthen the immune system. If you get caught anyway, home remedies can usually relieve the symptoms.

Natural home remedies for colds
Hot milk with honey, chicken soup, increased vitamin C intake from tangerines and oranges: During the cold season, there are numerous tips on how to protect yourself from the common cold and which natural means are best used to fight an infection. There are not all scientific recommendations to confirm the effectiveness. But that doesn't mean that home remedies don't work for colds.

Strengthen the immune system
Especially in the winter months, it is important to strengthen the immune system in order to protect against infections. A healthy and balanced diet plays a very special role here.

Some people also use food supplements, but according to health experts it is much more sensible to use food to strengthen the body's defenses. Vitamin C is particularly important for this. Among other things, peppers are considered ideal vitamin C donors.

But many other types of fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of the vitamin important for the body. It is recommended to eat three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit or juices and smoothies made from them every day.

Vitamin C intake in winter
Broccoli also strengthens our immune system. Around 100 grams of vegetables already cover an adult's daily vitamin C requirement of 100 milligrams.

Kale, Brussels sprouts and lamb's lettuce are also good for the vitamin C intake in winter.

Drink a lot
But even with a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins, it can happen that you catch an infection. Then there are some things that really help with colds.

The most important thing is to drink a lot. Due to an increased fluid intake, the stubborn mucus dissolves better and the secretions in the nose are diluted.

It also gives the body more fluid that is lost through excessive sweating due to the disease.

It is recommended to use warm water or herbal teas, such as thyme or sage tea. Some also rely on warm beer and onion honey juice. However, according to some experts, the former is not recommended because alcohol weakens the weakened immune system.

Ginger and zinc help against colds
Many colds also swear by ginger tea. The miracle bulb ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the sharpness of this natural remedy irritates the mucous membranes and promotes blood circulation.

Zinc is also known to help against colds. The trace element protects the mucous membranes and makes it more difficult for viruses to penetrate.

A strong chicken soup and lots of rest
For many people, a strong chicken soup and bed rest are still the best remedies for colds.

The nutrition researcher Prof. Dr. According to a report on "", Axel Lorentz from the University of Hohenheim said: "There are hardly any studies of whether chicken soup or hot milk with honey really help with a cold. These foods are too diverse to be able to capture all of their possible effects in one study. ”

However, there are indications that chicken soup inhibits the activity of a group of immune cells, the neutrophil granulocytes, and thus has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, home remedies such as soup or milk with honey are hot. "Warmth improves blood circulation, immune cells get better everywhere, the mucus loosens, the symptoms subside," said Lorentz.

Sometimes in the fresh air
In addition to the various nutrition tips, experts usually recommend going for a walk now and then when you have a cold - but not if you have a fever. It is also advisable to place a bowl of water on the heating and ventilate it several times a day. In order to get rid of a cold quickly, you should also allow the body a lot of rest and avoid stress.

Last but not least, steam inhalations for the face can also help. These have an expectorant, secretion-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect. They are particularly recommended for acute sinus infections and respiratory infections such as runny nose, cough and bronchitis. (ad)

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