Social psychologists: Facebook network makes many users unhappy

Social psychologists: Facebook network makes many users unhappy

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Doctors are investigating the effects of a break when using Facebook
Many people today have a Facebook account. This could have a negative impact on your overall satisfaction. Researchers have now found that a break in using Facebook leads to improved well-being and increased life satisfaction.

The University of Copenhagen scientists found that stopping Facebook use can improve well-being and improve overall life satisfaction for certain people. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking".

The effect is particularly strong with intensive users
The experts examined the effects of stopping activities on Facebook over a period of one week. The effect found was particularly strong among intensive Facebook users and people who envy their so-called Facebook friends and were annoyed by messages from other people.

Many young people feel happier when they leave Facebook
The study suggests that changes in the behavior of intensive Facebook users can lead to positive results. Does leaving social media make you happier? Many young people who have left Facebook or similar media confirm this statement, the scientists say.

Some intensive Facebook users simply cannot take a break
However, many people may have problems changing their behavior. 13 percent of the participants who actually wanted to take a break from social networks later indicated that they were still active in social networks. For such people, it may be necessary to completely stop using social media, the experts explain.

Study examines almost 1,100 subjects
The current investigation concerned 1,095 people. Of these, 86 percent were female, the researchers say. The subjects were randomly divided into two groups. One group continued to use Facebook. The other group ended their activity on the social network for one week. The participants were on average 34 years old, had about 350 Facebook friends and spent more than an hour on the social network every day.

For some people, the impact of a Facebook break is particularly strong
The subjects had to fill out a questionnaire at the end and at the beginning of the examination. It became clear that a break from Facebook increases life satisfaction and positive emotions, the authors explain. The effects identified were particularly strong among heavy users, passive users and envious people. There was no positive effect for only occasional users after a break.

If you have trouble taking a break, stop using Facebook
Because of habits and practices, changing the way you use Facebook can be difficult, the doctors say. If users have such problems, they should consider completely shutting down Facebook.

Older studies have given different results
Previous studies had already found mixed results for a connection between the use of Facebook and the perceived well-being. Some gave results similar to the current study, others found no connection between the use of Facebook and well-being. The previous studies had also shown that an active connection with his close friends, in real life or on Facebook, can actually increase well-being.

Further research on the subject is needed
Future studies should investigate the effect of stopping Facebook activity for a longer period of time, and other social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter must also be included in such a study, the authors say. (as)

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