Drug and Pain Killers: Nine Fentanyl Fatalities in Canada in One Night

Canada: Fentanyl kills nine people in Vancouver in just one night
Fentanyl is a powerful pain reliever that cancer patients receive among others. The drug is also used as a drug. And sometimes with a fatal outcome. In Vancouver, Canada, nine people died of the intoxicant in just one night.

Unusual accumulation of drug deaths
Canada is currently concerned about the unusual increase in drug deaths from fentanyl. In Vancouver, nine people died in a single night from an overdose of the dangerous intoxicant used in medicine as an anesthetic and pain reliever. "Fentanyl is used for severe and severe pain, for example in emergency medicine, breakthrough pain or cancer patients," says the website of the drug directory "Yellow List Pharmindex". The effect is "about 100 times as strong as that of morphine."

Increase in fatal overdoses
Deaths have also occurred in this country. A man from Bremen, for example, apparently died in 2013 because of fentanyl plasters.

Scientists from the University of Michigan recently reported in the journal Pain that there was a steady increase in fatal overdoses of opioid painkillers.

One of these remedies is fentanyl. German experts have also denounced the abuse of fentanyl plasters. Some people use the medicine to get high. In Canada, nine people have now died from overdoses in just one night.

Nine drug deaths in a single night
AFP reports that nine people died of an overdose of the drug fentanyl in Vancouver in a single night. The agency relies on a communication from Mayor Gregor Robertson.

"These are hopeless times for Vancouver and it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel if we haven't bottomed yet," Robertson said at a press conference with police and other government officials.

Rapidly increasing abuse of fentanyl
According to police chief Adam Palmer, a total of 160 people overdosed with fentanyl in Vancouver since the end of November. In 2015, there were 67 fatalities due to the synthetic opioid.

According to the information, Canada and the neighboring country USA have been fighting against the rapidly increasing abuse of fentanyl for several months. The remedy is highly addictive.

Pop star Prince died after taking opioid
Just two grams of pure fentanyl - that's about the size of four granules of salt - can be fatal to an adult.

The American singer Prince also died in April after taking Fentanyl. (ad)

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