Christmas risk for cats: swallowed tinsel can quickly knot in the stomach

Quick action is required: When cats swallow tinsel
The majority of Germans will also have a Christmas tree in their apartment for Christmas, which will be decorated with tinsel, among other things. The back and forth streaks, which also glitter and rustle, are often irresistible for domestic cats. It can be dangerous. Swallowed tinsel can knot in the stomach. Rapid action is required in an emergency.

Ingested objects can damage the gastrointestinal tract
Batteries, five-mark pieces, razor blades, safety pins: There was a recent report about a doctor from Bielefeld who wrote in a book what he found in his working life in stomachs. Swallowed small parts can lead to severe damage in the gastrointestinal tract. This applies not only to humans, but also to animals. Some domestic cats are currently particularly at risk. Because the tinsel that swings back and forth on the Christmas tree invites you to play.

For many cats, tinsel is a toy
Not only children, but also some domestic cats enjoy the Christmas season. The four-legged friends are often particularly interested in the tinsel on the fir tree, which glitters, moves and can be caught with its paws.

But the glitter threads are dangerous for the four-legged friends if they are swallowed. If the Christmas decorations are not quickly removed, they can knot in the gastrointestinal tract and lead to life-threatening situations.

In the worst case, surgery is imminent
In the worst case, it even has to be operated on, warns the organization Aktion Tier in a current press release. But it doesn't have to go that far.

If the cat has swallowed tinsel, owners should give their cat grass to eat. This is "the fastest and safest way to get rid of the foreign bodies," said veterinarian Dr. Tina Hölscher. The threads can be vomited more easily.

Another tip: Add a teaspoon of paraffin oil to the feed and mix the whole thing into a porridge.

Sauerkraut in wet food
"If that doesn't work, you can also mix a little sauerkraut into the wet food," says the veterinarian. The sauerkraut in turn devours itself with the tinsel and has a laxative effect.

If nothing works, a veterinarian must be consulted.

In order not to let things get this far, it is a good idea for cat owners to decorate the Christmas tree instead of tinsel with materials that are less dangerous for cats, such as straw stars and the like. (ad)

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