Healthy nutrition: garden cress with many healthy vitamins

Healthy nutrition: garden cress with many healthy vitamins

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Healthy culinary herbs: cress is full of vitamins
For bread, quark or as an ingredient in delicious sauces: garden cress is ideal for a wide range of dishes. The delicious culinary herb not only provides a mild spiciness, but also valuable nutrients.

Lots of healthy nutrients
Garden and wild herbs refine some dishes. Cress is particularly popular in many German households. Nasturtiums are used in the kitchen, for example for sauces and dips, watercress and especially garden cress. Cress not only provides a mild spiciness, but also many healthy nutrients.

Supply of vitamins
According to the herb table of the consumer information service aid, garden cress has a “blood cleansing, appetizing, digestive, diuretic” effect.

The green stalks contain vitamins like vitamin C as well as minerals like calcium, potassium and iron. According to the consumer information service, cress brings variety to the table, especially in winter, and ensures the supply of vitamins.

On bread or in herb curd
Cress should be enjoyed fresh. It tastes delicious, among other things, in herb quarks or with butter - or even pure - on bread. The herb is also well suited as a pretty garnish. The sharp, spicy taste is somewhat reminiscent of radish or mustard.

The pungency is due to mustard oil glycosides, chemical compounds that have an antimicrobial effect and are mainly found in horseradish and cabbage. Among other things, they should help against respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Grow cress yourself
You can buy garden cress all year round in the supermarket, but you can also easily pick the herb yourself. If you want to grow it yourself, it is best to use a flat bowl lined with damp gauze. The seeds are then evenly distributed and repeatedly sprayed with water so that they do not dry out. (ad)

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