Does cuticle actually grow faster if you cut it more often?

Does cutting the cuticle lead to stronger growth?
When caring for the fingernails, the cuticles are also of great importance. This is often cut off for optical reasons. However, some people claim that it only makes them grow faster. But is that really true?

Care of the cuticles
Manicure is a daily routine for many women - and some men too. It's not just about looking good, it's also about preventing problems. Regular care of the fingernails can, for example, reduce the risk of brittle nails or a rivet nail. Care of the cuticles is of particular importance. Some simply cut them off because they are an eyesore for them for optical reasons. It is not unusual for them to hear that they are only doing the opposite. Is that really true?

Cuticles protect the nail bed
The cuticle has a protective function and protects the nail bed from external influences such as chemical substances. Some people think that the cuticles only grow thicker and stronger if you cut them.

Munich dermatologist Christoph Liebich from the professional association of German dermatologists explains in a message from the dpa news agency that this is not the case. "The cuticles always replicate, but not thicker or stronger," said the expert.

It's best to leave the cutting to a professional
Like other experts, he points out that pushing back the cuticles is gentler. Ideally with a fine wooden stick.

According to Liebich, it is important not to press too hard - otherwise you risk white stripes on the nail or even injuries to the nail bed. According to the doctor, it is best to leave the cutting of the cuticles to a professional - for example a beautician or podiatrist. (ad)

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