Healthy intestinal flora: is it really possible to lose weight without a yo-yo effect?

Dr. Burkhard Poeggeler: Losing weight permanently and avoiding the yo-yo effect with a healthy intestine
Permanent weight loss is only possible if we stop the colonization of the intestine and thus an existing intestinal dysbiosis. This can not be done overnight. It always takes several months of diet management and intestinal therapy to restore true intestinal symbiosis and successfully stimulate fat burning. Only a supply of high-quality fats such as gamma-linolenic acid and non-animal protein with L-arginine and well-tolerated fiber can restore intestinal health and thus permanently reduce weight.

In contrast, crash diets are counterproductive and endanger health, says Dr. Burkhard Poeggeler, Scientific Advisory Board of the Foundation for Health and Environment (SfGU) & university lecturer at the Georg August University Göttingen and the Goettingen Research Campus.

Why don't diets work?
Perhaps the biggest challenge with dieting is maintaining weight loss. The usual crash diets work on the principle of the bikini emergency plan: in the short term you can lose a lot of pounds, but in the long term this even leads to further weight gain with all the dangerous consequences for the health of those affected and even serious complications. That is the diet trap.

How can you do better?
A diet should be maintained for at least 6 to 12 months, because only then can a change in the intestinal biota be achieved - with the reduction of the intestinal dysbiosis and fatty liver responsible for the overweight of those affected. Usually, many diets lead to a great success at first, but then brutally reverses the opposite. Diets are often a one-way street.

What is crucial for success?
It is important to switch to a low-calorie but nutrient-rich diet - natural, permanent and holistic. It is about avoiding a nutrient deficiency situation. Because if you reduce the calorie intake, the nutrient density of the food must increase at the same time, so that many or more nutrients are still absorbed in order to stimulate and optimize fat burning.

How can I lose weight permanently?
Professional advice and support is always helpful here. This way fatal mistakes can be avoided and at the same time you get more motivation to stay with it. Successful colon cleansing can lay the foundation for permanent weight loss. This should be combined with professional diet management. Only in this way can you really lose weight permanently and thus restore your health or ensure it in the long term.

What is the dreaded yo-yo effect?
The yo-yo effect is associated with almost all diets and is very difficult to control. No sooner have you dropped the pounds than they come back and this time even stronger than before. So we ended up in the diet trap. And it is difficult to escape from it. It is also very dangerous for our health and therefore many diets are not only unsuitable, but even counterproductive.

How do you avoid the yo-yo effect?
The yo-yo effect occurs because diets limit calorie intake and thus signal the body of famine. It then reduces the basal metabolic rate, so it burns fewer calories. As soon as we eat normally again, we gain weight - sometimes even more than we lost weight. Only if we take in sufficient nutrients, e.g. L-arginine, gamma-linolenic acid and L-carnitine, we can avoid this effect.

How can I keep my weight?
Crash diets like a bikini emergency plan mess up your metabolism and are not suitable for losing weight in the long term. Rather, you should reduce the intake of calories and carbohydrates. This is possible with more protein and fiber as well as healthy fats, especially the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fat makes you fit. High quality protein makes you beautiful and slim. Dietary fiber makes you feel full and healthy.

What is particularly important here?
Above all non-animal protein with a high content of L-arginine stimulates metabolism, muscles and mitochondria. L-arginine also stimulates the intestinal cells and promotes colonization by health-promoting none in the intestine. High-quality fats and fiber fill us up and regulate the blood sugar level as well as the insulin release positively. So you don't give the yoyo effect a chance.

Why is gut health so crucial?
Digestion takes place there. Only a healthy intestine can provide us with sufficient nutrients. The symbionts in the gut nourish, maintain and renew us. Happy and healthy - you can do that without giving up pleasure. But you need patience and serenity as well as a lot of discipline. The intestinal health can only be renewed with targeted therapies and thus fight the dangerous fatty liver at the same time.

What shall we do?
Basically, we have to stop the metabolic disorders permanently and this can only be done by restoring the intestinal health and thus ensuring the nutrient supply. Burning fat is only possible with a healthy intestinal biota. Therefore, we have to be very consistent and consistent. This is the only way we can achieve successful weight loss and maintain it throughout life.

(by Dr. Burkhard Poeggeler, scientific advisory board of the Foundation for Health and Environment (SfGU) & university lecturer at the Georg August University Göttingen and the Goettingen Research Campus)

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