Severe carbon monoxide poisoning at a barbecue in the winter garden

Severe carbon monoxide poisoning at a barbecue in the winter garden

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Barbecue in the winter garden: Several people suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning
In Mainz, several people on a small barbecue had a mild carbon monoxide poisoning at the weekend. They had carried their grill into the winter garden due to the temperatures. Shortly afterwards, the first complaints appeared. Two patients had to be treated in the hospital.

Barbecue carried in the winter garden
Social barbecues are actually more of a case for summer, but some people don't want to miss out on the pleasure even in the cold months. So also a small group of people in Mainz who started the grill on Saturday in the garden, but then put it in the winter garden because of the temperatures. According to local media reports, two of the guests felt uncomfortable after a while, one got so severe circulatory problems that the emergency services had to be called.

Carbon monoxide had spread around the house
Since the rushed helpers suspected that the collapse was triggered by carbon monoxide poisoning, they asked the fire department. This found that a not inconsiderable amount of the odorless and toxic gas had spread throughout the house.

The rooms were ventilated until the emergency services finally could no longer determine a dangerous carbon monoxide concentration.

The person affected apparently suffered only slight poisoning. But two of the patients were brought to clinics in Mainz.

Health risks from carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide can lead to headaches even in low concentrations of 200 particles per million air molecules (ppm). At higher concentrations, symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting or fainting.

Not only when grilling, but also due to defective gas heaters, radiant heaters or wood pellet heating systems, carbon monoxide poisoning can threaten if the toxic gases get into the apartment. The odorless gas cannot be perceived by humans without measuring devices.

Carbon monoxide is also inhaled when smoking and, together with the absorption of tar, nicotine and other pollutants, increases the risk of cancer. Last but not least, CO can damage the inner skin of the blood vessels and thus promote arterial calcification. (ad)

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