Daily hair care: Does frequent hair washing favor greasy hair?

Washing Oily Hair Frequently - Is That Right?
Some people think that greasy hair is due to mistakes in everyday hair washing. Those affected are then often advised to wash their hair less frequently. But does that really help? And is it true that hair is greased more quickly through frequent cleaning?

Greasy hair faster due to frequent washing?
Shampoos are often advertised with slogans such as "For daily hair washing". But many people think that washing your hair every day is not healthy anyway. Because this damages the scalp and causes greasy hair. Is the theory true that washing hair greases faster, but really?

Use mild shampoo
No, says dermatologist Christoph Liebich from Munich from the professional association of German dermatologists. In a message from the dpa news agency, the expert explains: “You can wash your hair as often as you want. You don't get greasy. ”However, the condition is that a mild shampoo is used.

According to experts, oily hair can be caused by many different factors, one of which is inherited. Some people simply produce faster or more sebum than others, or have a higher number of sebum glands on the scalp.

Simple home remedies for oily hair can often help those affected. In some cases, the problem can even be eliminated.

Natural remedies for dry scalp
Those who overdo it and wash their hair several times a day run the risk of having problems. The result can be dry hair and a dry, itchy scalp.

Countermeasures can be taken with natural hair care. Liebich recommends opening the natural remedy olive oil with egg yolk, massaging it on the scalp and letting it all take effect. (ad)

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