Alcohol during pregnancy: even a glass is dangerous

Alcohol should be completely taboo during pregnancy
Many people think it doesn't matter if pregnant women drink a glass of sparkling wine or a beer from time to time. But health experts warn: alcohol should be completely taboo for expectant mothers. The consumption of alcoholic beverages can harm the unborn child and lead to consequential damage in children.

Alcohol taboo for expectant mothers
Unfortunately, too many Germans still consider alcohol acceptable during pregnancy. According to a survey, 18 percent of Germans find it okay for expectant mothers to occasionally grab a glass of sparkling wine or beer. However, many children who were exposed to alcohol in the womb later suffered consequential damage. Women should therefore avoid wine, beer and Co. completely during pregnancy.

Risk is often underestimated
Many people still don't realize that drinking alcohol has consequences for the unborn. Even some pregnant women are unaware of the alcohol taboo.

“On the one hand, the reason for alcohol consumption during pregnancy is that some women do not know that they are pregnant when they consume alcohol. On the other hand, pregnant mothers underestimate the risks posed by alcohol consumption during pregnancy ”, says the website“ gynecologists online ”.

Around 10,000 children with alcohol-related disorders
Children who were exposed to alcohol during pregnancy often develop behavioral problems later.

As the professional association for child and adolescent psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy in Germany (BKJPP) reports in a message from the dpa news agency, affected children are more at risk because they can hardly assess the consequences for themselves and others.

According to the psychiatrists, so-called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are the most common reason for congenital disabilities in Germany. Around 10,000 children are born with such a disorder every year.

Intellectual deficits and psychological abnormalities
Whether an unborn child is harmed or not depends not only on the amount of alcohol consumed, but also on the individual alcohol tolerance of mother and child. Therefore, a glass of sparkling wine or beer can affect the child during pregnancy.

"Most of these affected children do not see the damage, but they have intellectual and intellectual deficits or psychological abnormalities," report the "gynecologists on the Internet".

But the malformation is visible in some children - for example, some have smaller eyes or a narrow upper lip. In others, the brain is sometimes affected.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder often goes unnoticed
For example, according to the BKJPP, these children are permanently restless, nervous or frightened. In addition, they often lack the natural distrust that protects people from dangers. According to the psychiatrists, this makes them more influenceable and easier to get into unfavorable situations.

If the child is not malformed, the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder often goes unnoticed.

Behavioral therapy can help affected children cope with their mood swings or impulsive behavior, reports the BKJPP. This way you can protect yourself from being exploited. Movement and speech therapy can also be useful. (ad)

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