Magic Mushrooms: Hallucinogenic mushrooms can treat depression

Magic Mushrooms: Hallucinogenic mushrooms can treat depression

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Intoxicating mushrooms are said to make cancer patients afraid of death
According to recent studies, hallucinogenic mushrooms, so-called "magic mushrooms", can help cancer patients overcome anxiety and depression. The positive effect is therefore responsible for psilocybin, a substance that psychiatrists and psychotherapists experimented with decades ago.

Psilocybin for anxiety
Many people with cancer have to deal with psychological problems such as anxiety or depression. You therefore need not only medical but also emotional help. Current studies have now shown that psilocybin, a substance found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, can also help cancer patients to relieve anxiety and depression.

Treat depression with fungal agent
Studies on hallucinogenic psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychoactive mushrooms, have been underway at several renowned universities in the USA for years. Most of them examine the possible effects against depression and anxiety, especially in connection with life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Both American and British studies have shown that depression can be treated with the fungal agent psilocybin.

Some positive effects lasted for over half a year
Two very recent studies from the USA have now confirmed this, according to a report in the journal "Journal of Psychopharmacology", which dedicated the entire December issue to the topic.

A single dose of psilocybin synthesized can free cancer patients from depression and anxiety, researchers from New York University (NYU) report in the journal. According to the study authors, the positive effects lasted for six months or longer, provided that the patients were cared for by psychotherapists at the same time.

Noticeable improvement in well-being
This positive effect was confirmed in another study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. According to the information, well-being and life satisfaction improved noticeably in around 80 percent of the 51 participating patients.

According to the doctors, up to 40 percent of patients with advanced cancer suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. Classic antidepressants do not work in many of these patients.

Further research is worthwhile
In a statement from the university, study director Professor Roland Griffiths said: "We do not know whether the results can be generalized to a larger population group."

But he believes that psilocybin can find therapeutic use. "There may be applications for it that we can't even imagine," said the expert. "It is certainly worthwhile to examine it systematically."

No support from the pharmaceutical industry
However, earlier studies also found that mushrooms that are used as party drugs in Germany change personality. They can also lead to poisoning.

Experts criticize that psychiatrists and psychotherapists experimented with psilocybin decades ago, but it is still not easy for scientists in many countries to research hallucinogenic substances. No help is expected from the pharmaceutical lobby either. They cannot use the “drug” image, my experts. (ad)

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