Better healing: How salt water accelerates wound healing

The right concentration is important: faster wound healing with salt water
With smaller wounds, you are often advised to use salt water for faster healing. It is understandable that such tips are initially rejected; after all, it burns when you put salty water on an abraded area of ​​skin. And is it true that wounds heal better?

Wounds heal better with salt water
It is popularly said not to sprinkle salt in the wound, but apparently this is not related to healing. Because wounds heal better in salt water, is often claimed. But some people are reluctant to dip an excavated arm or foot in salty sea water, because it can burn quite a bit. In addition, many are unsure whether this tip is really true. An expert knows more about this.

A moist environment is beneficial for wound healing
Sylke Schneider-Burrus, senior physician at the Clinic for Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology at Charité Universitätsmedizin - Berlin, said in a message from the dpa news agency that it was generally good to clean a wound with salt water.

"It moisturizes the wound and that is not wrong," said the doctor. Contrary to earlier assumptions, a moist environment is beneficial for wound healing.

It is all about the right concentration
As with so much, the right concentration is also important here. According to Schneider-Burrus, this should be 0.9 percent, a so-called physiological saline solution.

Accordingly, sea water or salt solutions for rinsing the nose are too highly concentrated for wound treatment. This can have the opposite effect, dry out the wound and even delay healing. In addition, sea water contains too many germs, which can ignite the wound.

Eczema heals well on a North Sea holiday
But the stay at the sea still contributes to better healing. "Grazes or eczema heal well on vacation on the Baltic or North Sea," explained the director of the Clinic for Dermatology at the Charité in Berlin, Prof. Torsten Zuberbier, in an older dpa report.

However, it is not known why. The iodine contained in the seawater may play a role. Another explanation is the combination of sunlight and salt water.

Home remedies for wound healing
There are even more natural home remedies available for better wound healing. For example, health experts often recommend treating wounds with fresh garlic. And with superficial, slightly oozing and little bleeding wounds, zinc can contribute to better healing. However, if one has suffered deeper injuries, it means: off to the doctor! (ad)

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