Doctors sent patient diagnosed with migraine - death from brain hemorrhage followed

Clinic sends woman with brain hemorrhage home - shortly afterwards she is dead
In Austria, a 36-year-old woman was sent home from a hospital with a diagnosis of "normal migraines", according to media reports. A short time later, she died of a hemorrhage.

Patient diagnosed with "normal migraines" sent home
According to media reports, a 36-year-old woman from Austria is said to have died of a cerebral hemorrhage after a vein tear twelve hours after an examination in a hospital in Linz. According to the "Kronen Zeitung", the mother of two came with a strong headache and a numb feeling in the leg and was sent home with the diagnosis "normal migraine".

No opinion from the clinic yet
According to the information, a statement from the hospital is only possible on Monday. As a spokeswoman said, no internal consultation could be held, that could only take place after the weekend. The case will be examined internally and discussed with the responsible doctors. "I would like to say that we are very affected by the death of the woman," said the spokeswoman.

Probably already brain dead when hospitalized
According to the "Kronen Zeitung", a doctor said the patient said that a computed tomography (CT) was not necessary for a further examination because she had a migraine.

After taking her husband home, the woman ate something and lay down. According to the report, she got up two hours later, went to the toilet, and then collapsed unconscious.

As the newspaper says, she was probably brain dead when she was admitted to the clinic. Last Sunday, the life support machines were finally switched off.

Different causes possible
Brain hemorrhage usually occurs as a result of trauma, for example due to a traffic accident, fall or the like. However, diseases that affect the vascular system in the brain, high blood pressure or an aneurysm (artery dilation) can also cause cerebral hemorrhage.

In addition, congenital vascular abnormalities, brain tumors or vascular tumors are among the potential causes. Some medications, especially those designed to prevent blood clotting, can also cause bleeding in the brain. Favorable factors also include long-term alcohol and / or drug use. (ad)

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