Research: Do depression lead to arthritis and anxiety disorders to skin diseases?

Study examines the effects of mental illness
Mental illnesses often have serious consequences for the lives of those affected and can cause secondary illnesses. Researchers have now found that young people with depression, for example, often develop arthritis and digestive system diseases. In addition, skin diseases often occur in young people with anxiety disorders.

The researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland found that depression and anxiety disorders often lead to arthritis and skin diseases. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "PLOS ONE".

Mental illnesses often lead to physical illnesses
The results of the current study suggest that mental illness increases the risk factors for certain physical illnesses in early life, the experts say. The results add to the understanding of the effects of mental disorders on physical health and vice versa, the authors add.

Relationship between physical illnesses and mental disorders found
The study’s physicians support the concept that an integrated consideration of mental and physical health is a good approach for early prevention and better treatment. The research group examined the temporal pattern and the relationship between physical illnesses and mental disorders in children and adolescents.

Doctors examine the data of almost 6,500 adolescents
For their study, the researchers analyzed the data from a representative sample of 6,483 adolescents from the United States. All participants were between the ages of 13 and 18 years.

Mental disorders cause physical illness in adolescents
In their investigation, the researchers found that some physical illnesses are more common in children and adolescents who have previously suffered from certain mental disorders. Likewise, sufferers of certain mental illnesses tend to experience certain physical illnesses more frequently.

Effects of mood disorders:
Affective disorders such as depression often lead to arthritis and digestive system diseases, the scientists explain in their investigation. The same relationship was found between anxiety disorders and skin disorders, the authors add.

Effects of anxiety disorders and epileptic diseases
It has also been observed that anxiety disorders are more common in people who have previously had heart disease. A close connection was also established for the first time between epileptic diseases and subsequent eating disorders, the doctors explain. "The results of our research provide important insights into the causal relationship between mental disorders and physical illnesses," say the authors of the study.

Possible reasons for the development of depression
There are several reasons for depression or anxiety. For example, hormonal changes can lead to illnesses. Another study found some time ago that the pill promotes depression. The time change is also the cause of significantly more depression. This condition is often referred to as winter depression.

In the event of mental illness, those affected should definitely seek medical help
But what can you do about developing depression? In such cases, it is inevitable to seek urgent professional medical help. The treatment can then be very different individually. It was only recently discovered at the University Hospital Freiburg that, for example, regular overheating baths are effective against depression. (as)

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