Health: Green Moringa Leaves - Hype or Effective Medicinal Plant?

“Superfoods” are fashionable, especially if they have exotic names like Chia Bia - or now Moringa. We took a closer look; what is Moringa? Is the “miracle tree” really so good for your health?

Vegana Jones and the Tree of Life?
Moringa means "tree of life". That sounds like a secret miracle cure hidden deep in a garden of Eden in distant lands that a vegan Indiana Jones discovers and realizes that this herb is the key to ensuring that the locals never get sick, always looking 25 and gently sleeping at 150 .

Moringa loves it hot
Moringa is a tree from the arid regions of India, East Africa, Madagascar and Arabia, and people in these countries have been using it for millennia. The wild form comes from the Himalayas.

Green powder
In this country, we see Moringa primarily as a green powder that can be dissolved in smoothies, refined salad dressings or skin creams.

Full of vitamins
Moringa is full of vitamins: beta-carotene, B1 and B 2 to a high degree, folic acid and a lot of vitamin C, as well as the antioxidants vitamins A, E and C.

In the hip nutritional lifestyle, a moringa smoothie is now replacing the latte machiatto. A tablespoon of the powder dissolved in water or a pinch of it in the morning tea helps in the “Green Day”.

However, the powder can also be used in sauces, pancakes or biscuits or sprinkled in the soy milk of the muesli.

A lot of protein
Moringa powder contains about 3.2 grams of protein per ten grams, about the same amount as soybeans, and competes with soy among vegans for the best substitute for animal proteins.

Moringa face masks
Yogurt, honey, and moringa powder make a good face mask that is said to cleanse the skin and close your pores. In any case, it cannot do any harm.

The myth of superfood
Moringa is definitely healthy. But as with all "magic" remedies currently circulating as superfood from a distance, the question is whether we really need smoothies from the "tree of life".

Green style versus garden?
Goji and Chia Bia, Matchi and now Moringa advertise their sellers as an all-round remedy for cancer and heart attack, overweight and winter depression. But these “exotic” are often outrageously expensive.

The "conscious" youngster with his 100% organic bag and leather-free hiking shoes could easily get his vitamins from native plants, because simple red cabbage is so rich and healthy.

Goji better than currant?
Acai, for example, praises traders for its antioxidants. That's true, but local blueberries have them too - and even fresh. Chia seeds actually offer omega-3 fatty acids, but flax seeds do too. Goji berries are expensive, but they contain vitamin C and minerals - black currants as well.

What does science say?
Magical thinking and green health traders outdo each other in the worship of the miracle plant. Moringa is said to help you lose weight, gently shape the menopause, lower cholesterol, prevent cell damage, and and and.

So far, high levels of potassium, calcium, seven vitamins and protein have been proven.

However: So far there have been no extensive studies with humans to prove the possible healing effects of the tree of life.

Leaves powder right away?
Scientists also warn that the nutrients in the fresh leaves and the dry powder around the German “nature food” shop do not have to do much with each other. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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