Scandals: Infant infected with HIV treated with lemon juice

Scandals: Infant infected with HIV treated with lemon juice

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Proper therapy stopped and son brought to the miracle healer with AIDS
A 50-year-old man has been sentenced to probation by the Düsseldorf District Court for several years. He had stopped the therapy of his HIV-infected child several times and brought him to a miracle healer. He "treated" the boy with lemon juice.

Therapy of own HIV-infected child discontinued
HIV self-healing has been observed in recent years and British researchers have recently reported that they have been cured of HIV, but these are special cases under very special conditions. It is not yet possible to cure AIDS. But some people apparently strongly believe in it. So also a father from North Rhine-Westphalia, who stopped the therapy of his HIV-infected child and brought him to a "miracle healer".

A warrant is sought for mother
The Düsseldorf district court sentenced the 50-year-old man to two years' probation on Tuesday for this. As the dpa news agency reports, the court left the prosecutor with a suspended sentence despite the “serious concerns” that the single parent had to take care of two more children. The 37-year-old mother is reported to be volatile and is now being sought with a warrant.

Severely disabled child could be healthy
The boy's parents initially concealed the mother's HIV infection, then refused HIV tests on the child, and finally stopped therapy after the outbreak of AIDS several times, despite warnings from the doctors. Instead, according to dpa, they had kidnapped their son from a clinic and taken them to a miracle healer.

Now the little one is a case of care. The six-year-old cannot speak, cannot eat and is sitting in a special wheelchair. According to a testimony from a pediatrician at the University Clinic in Düsseldorf, the child would have been born with more than 99 percent probability without HIV infection if they had known of the mother's HIV infection.

The judge Susanne Goergens therefore said to the father: "You put him in mortal danger." The 50-year-old distrusted the diagnosis and therapy in the university clinic and attributed the child's brain damage to an anesthetic defect in the doctors.

"Treatment" with lemon juice and sugar solution
He therefore took his son to a miracle healer who claimed to be able to destroy the "AIDS virus" with cobra antidote in 24 hours. According to the information, however, he "treated" the child with lemon juice and sugar solution.

"How can you believe that if you have looked at his website for even ten seconds?" Prosecutor Laura de Bruyn asked indignantly. "This mixture of ignorance and the fatal consequences for the child is terrifying."

Defense lawyer Markus Wittke said that the wife had probably regarded the healer "as a last straw", which she had reached for in despair.

Father still seems to be convinced of therapy
No further investigation is being carried out against the healer, since he was declared by the court to be insane and thus incapable of guilt. The boy's parents come from West Africa, where there are still very strange views about AIDS. The father has been in Germany since 1993, however, so the cultural differences are no excuse.

In addition, the doctors had informed him several times and warned him urgently to stop the therapy. Nevertheless, he put his son in mortal danger. "He trusted in some hocus pocus and let the child see into the handicap," said de Bruyn. However, the father does not seem to be convinced that the cobra antidote is not an effective HIV therapy. He asked the prosecutor, "Can you prove that?"

Constructions of reality
The Western and African constructions of reality and their effects on the understanding of health and illness are described by Dr. As long as Nzimegne-Gölz from Berlin explains very well in the brochure "HIV and AIDS - dealing with patients from sub-Saharan Africa".

“Traditional African medicine sees the cause of illness in actions and thoughts that break the rules, such as: B. against a taboo, against the demands of the ancestors or against tribal rules, ”wrote the German AIDS aid in an older document. "In this world of imaginations, there are neither viral-transmitted nor incurable diseases." (Ad)

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