Are you a narcissist One question uncovered narcissistic disorder

US researchers developed a rapid test: is there a narcissistic disorder?
Anyone who suffers from a narcissistic disorder does not initially suffer. Because narcissists are abbreviated to be self-in love and in need of validity, who often have little feeling for their counterpart. The result can be loneliness and relationship problems, as people in the social environment could turn away. Most of those affected do not know about their clinical picture. Scientists from Ohio State University, Indiana University and Gettysburg College therefore developed a rapid test. The mental disorder can be uncovered with just one question.

"Are you a narcissist?" - "Yes, of course!"
To find out if someone is a narcissistic person, all you need to do is ask a question. This is what US researchers report in the specialist magazine "Plos One". As part of the study of 2,200 volunteers, the psychologists found that more complex psychological procedures are not necessarily necessary to expose a narcissist. Because of his personality, which is characterized by self-infatuation, little empathy, his high need for validity and vanity, the narcissist has no difficulty in answering the question with a self-confident "Yes!" "Narcissists aren't afraid to tell you they're narcissists," Brad Bushman of Ohio State University in Columbus told Newsweek. The scientist has been researching narcissistic personality structures for decades.

A question seems to point out narcissists just as reliably as extensive psychological surveys
In a total of eleven experiments, the researchers tested the extent to which narcissists actually reveal themselves by answering only one question. This question is: "How much do you agree with the statement: 'I am a narcissist'? The respondents replied very reliably, the researchers write in the specialist magazine. The self-assessment corresponds to the results of previously used psychological questionnaires for assessing narcissists, which, however, are far more extensive and time-consuming. The quick test should not replace the conventional methods. Rather, it could be an alternative if study participants had to go through a lot of questions as part of lengthy surveys, the researchers said.

The narcissist thinks he's great and will find it difficult to change himself and his behavior
As Sara Konrath from Indiana University in Ann Arbor quotes in a communication about the study, it is not only important for those affected to learn about their narcissistic personality. "Narcissistic personalities, for example, have little empathy - but empathy is one of the most important motivators for philanthropic behavior such as donating money or time to organizations."

Bushman points out to Newsweek the narcissists' main problem with regard to their negative qualities: "If narcissists think they are great, they will not try to improve." (Sb)

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