Meat products and legumes: A varied diet offers protection against iron deficiency

Meat products and legumes: A varied diet offers protection against iron deficiency

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Balanced, varied nutrition can protect against iron deficiency
Iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiency symptoms in this country. Our body cannot produce this trace element itself. However, a deficiency can be prevented by ingesting iron through a balanced, varied diet.

Iron for the healthy development of children
Health experts repeatedly point out the importance of iron for the healthy development of children. This is also due to the fact that many adolescents suffer from iron deficiency. This causes fatigue and other symptoms such as dizziness and hair loss. Often home remedies can help with iron deficiency.

Versatile nutrition with iron-containing foods
The study doctor Stefan Kabisch from the German Institute for Nutritional Research (DIfE) said in an interview with the dpa themed service that a balanced, varied diet can protect against iron deficiency.

The expert also explained how iron deficiency can be compensated with the diet: iron-containing foods are important, whereby meat products and legumes are the best sources.

According to Kabisch, vegetable iron is often not available in such a large amount and is absorbed into the body somewhat poorly. It is best to combine iron sources with foods containing vitamin C, for example lemon juice on schnitzel or salad with steak.

Avoid tea and coffee
According to other experts, tea and coffee should be avoided if there is a lack of iron. The DifE expert explained that they should only be drunk at intervals.

The iron supply can also be disrupted by various medications. The dpa report mentions acetylsalicylic acid, gastric acid blockers or calcium and magnesium supplements. The taking of such medicines should be discussed with the attending doctor.

Iron deficiency sometimes without symptoms
An iron deficiency can be recognized by general symptoms such as a lack of performance up to a shortage of air, dizziness, poor concentration and tiredness.

More specific, according to Kabisch, are striking paleness of the skin and mucous membranes, growth disorders of the nails, hair loss and irritated, inflamed corners of the mouth. However, iron deficiency can also occur without symptoms.

Have the cause clarified by the doctor
It is generally recommended to go to the doctor urgently if there is a lack of iron. Kabisch also pointed out in the interview that every iron deficiency should be clarified, even if there is often no underlying serious illness.

The deficiency can be caused, among other things, by an insufficient supply of iron via diet or high iron consumption, for example due to serious infections. Bleeding can also lead to severe iron loss. Ultimately, the cause can only be found and remedied with medical attention. (ad)

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