More hope for medical salvation: 14-year-old cancer patient can be frozen

More hope for medical salvation: 14-year-old cancer patient can be frozen

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Hope for healing: body of young cancer patient frozen after her death
A 14-year-old girl from Great Britain knew that she would die of cancer. Before her death, she had convinced the competent court that she had the right to freeze her body. The young woman hoped to be healed in the future. Now her body is kept at temperatures below minus 130 degrees.

Frozen the body of a 14-year-old
A terminally ill girl from Great Britain, according to media reports, fought the right to have her body stored just before she died, with the hope of being healed in the future. According to the "BBC", she wrote to the responsible judge that she wanted to "live longer" and "not be buried". The 14-year-old died of a rare form of cancer in October and was then flown to the United States, where her body is now kept.

A chance to heal
In a letter to the judges, the girl, whose initials are “JS”, wrote: “I have been asked to explain why I want this unusual thing to be done. I am only 14 years old and I do not want to die but I will die. I think being frozen gives me a chance to be healed and awakened - even if it is in hundreds of years. "

Moved by the brave nature of the girl
Judge Peter Jackson said, according to a Guardian report, "I was moved by the brave manner in which she faced her predicament. It is no wonder that this application was the first of its kind to go to trial in this country, and probably elsewhere. It is an example of the new questions that science is asking for the law. ”

Body is preserved at temperatures below minus 130 degrees
The court ruled in favor of the girl. The 14-year-old died shortly afterwards, her body was flown to the USA and is now kept there at temperatures below minus 130 degrees. So far, possibilities for this method called "cryonics" have only been available in Russia and the USA.

The grandparents reportedly raised the cost of around 43,000 euros for this form of cold preservation. The divorced parents of JS previously disagreed. The mother wanted to fulfill her daughter's wish, the father initially opposed it.

He said: "Even if this treatment could be successful at some point and bring it back to life, say in 200 years, it could be that it has no relatives, does not remember anything and lives in a hopeless situation because it is only 14 Years old and is in the United States. "

Richter became a "hero"
These discrepancies were probably the reason why the youth turned to the court. She wanted the mother to be able to decide for herself what would happen to her body.

Judge Jackson therefore spoke of a "tragic combination" of family conflict and the fatal illness of a child. According to the “BBC”, the 14-year-old called the judge her “hero”. According to the Guardian, the girl "died peacefully knowing that her body will be frozen."

According to the girl's wishes, the verdict has only just been published, the identity of all those affected is kept secret. (ad)

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