First aid: if the soup is too salty

First aid: if the soup is too salty

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Quick help for kitchen breakdowns
Cooks in love tend to over-salt the food. A salted soup is no reason to despair. Let a raw, peeled potato boil, soaking up the salt like a sponge and neutralizing the liquid. Two to three teaspoons of rice have a similar effect. You fill it in a tea egg and hang it in the soup. This makes it easy to remove the grains before serving.

Too spicy soup is stretched to soften the taste. For this, water is used for clear soups and milk, yogurt or a dash of cream for cream soups. Small amounts of liquid are gradually added and seasoned to prevent the wort from being lost. The trick with the potato also helps with an excessively spicy soup. If you get too much chili, add oil to the soup and stir. Because the ingredient capsaicin, which is responsible for the hotness of the chilli, is fat-soluble, but not water-soluble. The oil absorbs part of the sharpness, collects on the surface and can be skimmed off again.

A cloudy and milky soup doesn't look very appetizing. A clear broth works best if it simmers only slightly with the lid open. Excessive heating not only creates cloudy substances, but also flavors and valuable ingredients are lost. But there is also an old home remedy for the kitchen painter. The soup is cooled, then slowly reheated and a freshly whipped egg whisk is mixed in with the whisk. Flakes form in the pot that bind turbidity. They can be removed with the spoon. The last suspended particles can be filtered out by passing the broth through a sieve covered with a cotton cloth.

If the soup is too greasy, a fine layer of fat forms on the surface. It can be removed with a cloth or kitchen paper. For larger quantities, use a spoon or a trowel. If the soup is not eaten directly, it is left to cool. When it cools down, the fat becomes solid on the surface and can be easily removed. Heike Kreutz, aid

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