Almost seven million people with diabetes in Germany

German Health Report Diabetes 2017 published
Diabetes is one of the widespread common diseases in Germany. Around 6.7 million people in Germany currently suffer from diabetes mellitus, including about two million who do not yet know about their disease, according to the German Diabetes Association (DDG). Together with the German Diabetes Aid, the DDG published the “German Health Report Diabetes 2017” today.

According to the DDG, diabetes and the secondary diseases result in annual costs of around 35 billion euros for treatment, care, incapacity for work and early retirement. The current report shows how many people contracted diabetes last year, what progress has been made in therapy and how children with diabetes live, for example. “The Diabetes Health Report 2017 provides all the important answers, data and information on everything to do with the metabolic disorder,” says the DDG.

Numerous complications from diabetes
Diabetes is associated with numerous other health problems in the long term, since poorly adjusted blood sugar can lead to amputations, new blindness, heart and vascular complications, for example. "Three quarters of all people with diabetes ultimately die from a heart attack or stroke," explains the DDG. The Health Report Diabetes 2017 provides an inventory of the facts. These include items such as "Epidemiology of Diabetes in Germany", "Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in Germany - Challenges and Visions" and "Medical Care for Children and Adolescents with Diabetes - Developments in the Last 21 Years".

Curb the spread of diabetes
There is also a contribution in the health report that explains the relationship between sugar consumption, obesity and type 2 diabetes. This is where evidence-based arguments are compiled "which the food and sugar industry will no longer be able to ignore in the future," emphasizes the DDG. Other articles are devoted to the topics "Diabetes mellitus and heart diseases", "Stroke in diabetes" and "Diabetes and eye diseases". Together, the DDG, diabetesDE / Deutsche Diabetes-Hilfe and the German Alliance for Non-Communicable Diseases (THANKS) advocate countering the spread of diabetes with the following four preventive measures:

  • At least one hour of exercise (sport) a day in school and kindergarten.
  • Tax adipogenic foods and relieve healthy foods (sugar-fat tax).
  • Binding quality standards for kindergarten and school catering.
  • Prohibition of underage advertising for overweight foods.

In addition, the DDG is committed to simple, easy-to-understand food labeling. (fp)

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