US President-elect Trump says: Vaccinations would trigger autism

The upcoming President of the United States, Donald Trump, sees the cause of autism in vaccinations, and he believes that global warming is an invention of the Chinese to weaken the American economy.

Autism and vaccinations
Trump wrote verbatim in a tweet in March 2014: “Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes - AUTISM. Many such cases! ” In German: Healthy children go to the doctor, are pumped full of vaccines and change - autism.

Disproved thesis
This thesis was advocated by the English doctor Andrew Wakefield in the 1990s. Wakefield has linked autism to a popular vaccine against mumps, measles and rubella. The UK vaccination rate for these diseases dropped from 92 percent to 80 percent before Wakefield's fancies ended up in the scientific trash can.

Amounted to
The specialist magazine "Lancet" withdrew a contribution to Wakefield’s thesis after it was convicted of fraud. The charlatan had not even spoken out against vaccination out of deep conviction, but wanted to bring his own “vaccine” onto the market. As a result, he was willing to sacrifice human lives.

Emotions instead of facts
Hillary Clinton made it very clear: "The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work." The fact that vaccinations work and that the earth is not a disk did not play a role in the election campaign. On the contrary, the less Donald Trump respected facts, the more successful he became.

UFO believers and conspiracy delusion
This means that the political spectrum in the United States, called “Lunatic Fringe”, is the “most powerful man in the world”.
This anti-intelligence conspiracy and conspiracy theory claims that the moon landing did not take place, that the FBI kept aliens that had landed in New Mexico and aliens in reptile form controlled us.

Anti-Semites and racists
In the United States and Germany, it's not just harmless spinners: anti-Semites claim that Helmut Kohl was a Jew by the name of Henoch Kohn and see Jews with the aliens under one roof to prepare for world domination, racists claim that migration is one of them Controlled conspirators. Psychological manipulation: Brainwashing was the reason why people didn't realize that they were being controlled by Jews, extraterrestrials or mysterious forces.

Vaccination opponents and Christian right-wing extremists
Opponents of vaccination are stronger in the United States than in Germany and are in a large milieu between fundamentalist Christians who attack evolutionary science and claim that humans and dinosaurs lived together and chauvinist nationalists. Some of the right-wing religious conspiracy fans believed that Obama was scourged by aliens.

Bible belief versus science
According to a 2010 survey by Harris Interactive, a market research institute, 29 percent of Republicans believe that Obama is selling America to a world government.

The Protestant extremists mean the reign of the Antichrist and the beginning of the apocalypse. They “prove” their madness with references to the revelation of John.

Civil rights a work of the devil
The "Antichrist" uses the "gay lobby" to destroy American families, rights for sexual minorities, blacks and Latinos are a strategy of the devil to achieve dominion over God.

Mike Pence, a representative of these Christian right-wing radicals, is the right hand of Donald Trump.

Why are vaccination opponents dangerous?
In the early 1950s, around 50 million people died of smallpox every year, in other words 30% of all infected people. Those who survived mostly scarred or went blind. 30 years later, the WHO had completely wiped out the disease - first, second, and third through vaccination.

In 1988 there were still 350,000 cases of polio, in 2008 there were fewer than 1,700. In Europe there is no polio anymore, the few cases today come from countries where the children are not (!) Vaccinated. The reason for the decline was: vaccinations.

Infectious diseases such as diphtheria and measles also decreased worldwide due to vaccinations. Before global vaccinations, 2.6 million children died of measles every year.

If the opponents of vaccination prevailed, millions of people would die again from diseases that keep vaccinations at bay.

No arguments against vaccinations
There are no scientific arguments against vaccination in general. Vaccinations, proven millions of times, are the medical measure that has saved most human lives globally and throughout history.

The historian Malte Thießen says: “Hardcore opponents of vaccination had and still have a closed worldview that does not recognize scientific knowledge. The greater part of the mere vaccination skeptics compared to the opponents of vaccination, however, is driven by fears, which are based on the nature of vaccination. ”

Where does the fear of vaccinations come from?
In essence, vaccination means to infect a person with a pathogen in a controlled manner so that he becomes immune to that pathogen in a dangerous form of the same disease.

Medical laypeople were and are skeptical of the method of protecting a healthy person from an illness by making him sick.
This goes until the suspicion that the vaccination triggers the disease.

Accidents during early vaccinations
There were also accidents in the case of early vaccinations: for example, in 1930 in Lübeck, 77 previously healthy children died from a tuberculosis vaccination in 1930.

The "racial body" of the Nazis
Leading Nazis later held vaccinations for poisoning the body and an "invention by Jewish doctors" to weaken the "Aryans". The racial ideology of the Nazis countered this by strengthening their strength.

New boost from greed for profit in the pharmaceutical industry
After 1945, the vaccine opponents got a new boost because corporations that produced vaccines, for example, dramatically exaggerated the extent of polio.

To the opponents of vaccination, the state appeared to be the lackey of the pharmaceutical industry, which at best wanted to sell useless means, but worse, poisoned people to make profits.

Populist propaganda
This distrust of the state and corporations says nothing about the effects of vaccines, but is generally justified.

Right-wing populists in the United States and Europe exploit suspicion and use skepticism about vaccinations to "hurt" those up there, Jews, Chinese, Muslims or immigrants.

Anti-Jews stereotypes
They use an ancient stereotype of the Jewish Oriental doctor who poisoned white Christians and used their blood for magic rituals.

In the Middle Ages the delusion spread that the Jews had poisoned the wells and spread the plague, and they were also in league with the devil. The contemporaries sought the cause of death and agony in a scapegoat.

Hatred of the establishment
In addition, large parts of the population hatred of the political establishment in the United States. They generally consider the established politicians to be puppets of large corporations.

So they mistrust the institutions anyway - why should they trust the authorities when substances are injected into their bodies?

Are vaccinations dangerous?
Vaccination is not pleasant, and trust is particularly lacking when it comes to compulsory vaccination: How should a citizen know whether a doctor he does not know injects something into the body of this citizen that does not harm him?

The risk-benefit calculation clearly speaks for vaccinations. Only the scientifically clear facts have to reach people emotionally. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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Video: Anti-Vaccine Activist Says Trump Asked Him to Head Commission on Vaccine Safety. NBC Nightly News (December 2021).