Healthy pumpernickel should be baked for at least 16 hours

Delicious bread specialty: Pumpernickel is baked for at least 16 hours
Nowhere else are there so many different types of bread as in Germany. One of them is Westphalian Pumpernickel. The whole special taste of this whole grain bread is achieved, among other things, by a very long baking time.

After baking in the oven for at least 16 hours
Hardly anything is more important to Germans in their nutrition than bread and rolls. More than 3,000 different varieties are on sale in Germany. One of them is Pumpernickel. This wholemeal bread is mainly known in western and northern Germany. As Heidrun Schubert from the Bavarian Consumer Center explains, what is special about this Westphalian bread specialty is that it stays in the oven for at least 16 hours after baking.

Cereal starch turns into sugar
The nutrition expert also explains how the typical sweet taste comes about: “During baking, the starch contained in the cereal grains is partly converted into sugar. This ensures the sweet taste, ”says Schubert.

The bread made from rye or whole grain meal is very compact and juicy. It is sealed in for several months. Since Pumpernickel is baked in closed boxes, it has no crust.

According to experts, Pumpernickel is only genuine with the blue and yellow EU seal.

Whole grain is healthy
The bread is also very healthy. Pumpernickel helps stimulate digestion. Above all, it is positive that the specialty is wholemeal bread.

Because according to health experts, a diet with a high percentage of whole grains prevents many chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

An international team of scientists recently reported that even small amounts of whole grains make us healthier. (ad)

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