Better prevent back pain in childhood

Prevention of back pain in children
Back pain has become a real widespread disease. Older people are primarily affected, but prevention cannot begin early enough. According to health experts, this should start in childhood.

Prevention cannot start early enough
Back pain has become a real common ailment. The number of people who need to be treated for such complaints continues to grow. As was recently reported, almost 37 million Germans visited a doctor last year for musculoskeletal or connective tissue disorders. In order not to let it get this far, one should prevent the complaints. Best of all in childhood.

Strengthen your back with exercise
Older people in particular are struggling with back pain. Since back ailments are muscular in most cases, it is usually advised to strengthen the back through exercise.

Reinhard Schneiderhan, President of the German Spine League and Orthopedist in Munich, recommends in a message from the dpa news agency that it is best to start prevention as a child.

Poorness and bad posture
"The foundation stone for a healthy back is laid at a young age," writes the German Spine League in an older message. Pediatricians found poor posture and poor posture such as rounded or hollow backs in two out of three children. "It would be easy to remedy this - simply by moving more," the experts said.

Reasons for back pain in children include that they spend far too much time sitting and that the schoolbag is too heavy. The weight of the satchel may depend, for example, on the age and length of the way to school.

Playful exercises for children
To prevent back pain, Schneiderhan suggests a few playful exercises in the dpa report. Towel races are ideal for strong abdominal and butt muscles. To do this, stand on a towel and try to move forward as quickly as possible by moving your feet back and forth.

In addition, parents can build an obstacle course for their children, for example from chairs, through which the little ones can crawl on all fours and thus strengthen their torso. (ad)

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