Menstrual chocolate with herbs helps with period pain

“Women's moon” chocolate is said to alleviate menstrual cramps
Women have to go through the same ordeal every month: periodically recurring bleeding during menstruation usually comes with various complaints such as abdominal pain. A Swiss chocolatier has now developed a chocolate that should help with menstrual cramps.

Recurring menstrual cramps
Menstruation is a very uncomfortable time for most women: Periodic bleeding from the uterus is often accompanied by other symptoms such as back pain, abdominal pain and mood changes during the period. In addition, tense breasts, dizziness and headaches and even a migraine attack can make life difficult for women. However, there are various ways that help to alleviate menstrual cramps. A new chocolate should also help.

Chocolate with a special blend of herbs
Many a woman often uses chocolate during her period to satisfy the cravings for sweets. A newly developed variant of the sweet palate, which serves as a consolation for the soul, is to help women during their menstruation in the future.

The Swiss chocolatier Marc Widmer has developed a chocolate with a special blend of herbs to alleviate period pains. The product with the name "Frauenmond" was also presented at delicatessen.

"Frauenmond" is said to have a calming and harmonizing effect
According to media reports, the confectioner from Lucerne worked longer on the recipe in collaboration with a phyto and aromatherapist. According to the information, "Frauenmond" combines 60 percent cocoa with a special mixture of 17 organic herbs from the Swiss mountains, such as mugwort, lady's mantle or yarrow.

In the online shop "Chocolate with love" the chocolate with the words "Soothing. Harmonizing. And it is extremely delicious, ”touted. Cocoa therefore makes you happy and can promote health.

“Cocoa contains rich ingredients such as theobromine and the happiness hormone serotonin. These have a positive effect on the heart and circulation and promote general well-being.
So eating chocolate is twice as much fun, ”says the website.

Available in Germany next year
A tablet of the new product costs 12.50 Swiss Francs on the Internet - the equivalent of around 11.60 euros. According to Widmer, chocolate is not a medical device, but it helps women in difficult times. Of course, men could also eat the candy.

A crowdfunding campaign for the “Frauenmond” chocolate is said to run until December. The money is intended to cover production and development costs. From next year, the chocolate should also be available in Germany.

Relieve menstrual cramps naturally
Women who do not want to wait so long, who find the product too expensive, or who are not convinced of the advertised effectiveness of chocolate, can also fight abdominal pain using methods that have been tried and tested for longer.

Experts point out that one can achieve good success with sports against menstrual cramps, among other things, because physical exercise has a relaxing effect on the muscles. According to a study, ginger also helps with menstrual pain.

The new invention from Switzerland is probably not advisable for the symptoms that appear before the menstrual period, the so-called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). According to experts, women should definitely avoid unhealthy foods such as chocolate during this time. (ad)

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