Borage is a proven and natural home remedy for cough

Delicious medicinal plant: Borage works against cough
Since the taste of borage is reminiscent of cucumber, it is not surprising that the medicinal plant is also called "cucumber herb". The herb not only tastes delicious, it also has a positive impact on health.

Healthy herbs for seasoning
In the garden at home, many healthy herbs can be grown for seasoning. One of them is borage, which tastes of cucumber and is therefore also called "cucumber herb". However, this aroma only develops in a fresh form. The plant not only tastes delicious, but also serves health. Because borage contains many mucilages, its effectiveness against cough is proven, among other things.

Natural remedy for cough
An expectorant tea can be prepared from the spice and medicinal plant. The hot drink is not only a good home remedy for cough. The "tea has a blood cleansing, sweaty, calming nerve, stimulating mood, diuretic" and "also for rheumatism, kidney and heart problems", writes the consumer information service aid.

In addition, the oil obtained from borage seeds is rich in gamma-linolenic acid, which according to aid is said to be anti-inflammatory and helpful for neurodermatitis and dry skin.

Part of the famous Frankfurt Green Sauce
Borage looks good too: the blue flowers are a nice decoration and are even edible.

The young borage leaves are best cut into fine strips and mixed, for example, with salads, quark or egg dishes and cold sauces. In addition to healthy sorrel, borage is one of seven types of herbs contained in the popular classic Frankfurt green sauce.

However, small children and pregnant women should avoid borage. The plant contains small amounts of so-called pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which in high doses can lead to liver damage. (ad)

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