Simple red cabbage is so rich and healthy

Red cabbage: more than just a side dish
»Red cabbage is not old-fashioned, but with its valuable ingredients goes very well with the modern, health-conscious lifestyle.« Ecotrophologist Nadia Röwe presents what is probably the most typical German vegetable in an aid pageflow.

The crispy heads have it all: A lot of vitamins E and C, iron and phytochemicals are among their outstanding inner values. And of course fiber. Dietary fiber is indigestible plant components that stimulate the intestinal activity and thus also promote digestion, but also have a positive effect on weight, among other things, by swelling in the stomach and thus really filling us up for a long time. Reason enough to bring red cabbage to the table more often - as a winter side dish for roasting, in a summer smoothie or in a fruity-fresh salad.

A glass of red cabbage costs less than one euro, a frozen pack almost twice as much. A kilo of fresh cabbage is available for 30 cents a season. How are such super prices possible? A contract grower was asked about this and watched the canning process. The Pageflow shows in a varied mix of photos, videos, texts and graphics what happens until a seed becomes a cabbage and a processed food. A cook and a nutritionist give practical tips for handling red cabbage in the kitchen. One thing should be revealed: after cutting the colorful cabbage, red and blue hands quickly get clean with the help of a little lemon juice.

There is plenty of red cabbage in the aid pageflow at There you will also find delicious recipes, for example numerous ideas on how you can always vary raw red cabbage with various fruits and nuts. Eva Neumann, aid

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Video: NutriBullet - Red Cabbage Blast (September 2021).