Parents must call the emergency doctor if the child continues to have a febrile seizure

If a child has febrile seizures, parents should call the emergency doctor
Children get a fever much more often than adults, but in most cases the high body temperature is no reason for great concern. The causes are often relatively harmless. However, if the symptoms last longer or if the child has a febrile seizure, a doctor should be consulted. If the cramp persists, it is even necessary to call an emergency doctor.

Take babies with a fever to the doctor quickly
When a child has a fever, parents often wonder when it should be taken to the doctor. If the child is under three months old, parents should always seek medical advice with them at a body temperature above 38 degrees. It should be noted that the temperature in babies' buttocks should be measured, since deviations are more likely at other parts of the body. If the temperature does not rise too high, home remedies for fever can often help in older children. However, it can be dangerous if children have febrile seizures. Then it is sometimes necessary to call an emergency doctor.

Prolonged febrile seizure is a case for the emergency doctor
As the Institute for Efficiency and Quality in Health Care explains on its patient information portal, a febrile seizure that lasts more than 15 minutes and is one-sided is a case for the emergency doctor. Usually the child is given antispasmodic medication and the febrile seizure usually subsides quickly.

"A simple febrile seizure usually lasts a few minutes and mainly occurs in children between the ages of three months and five years," says the portal "Febrile seizures can be scary, although they are mostly harmless."

Do not give the child food or drink
Meanwhile, parents should make sure that the offspring are not injured, for example by bumping each other. The child should also not be given anything to eat or drink. After a febrile seizure, it makes no sense to have the little one examined by the doctor.

The child loses consciousness in febrile seizure, the muscles cramp, arms and legs twitch. “Children often roll their eyes, have dilated pupils or a fixed look. The lips or the whole face can turn blue, ”write the experts.

Such cramps can occur when the fever rises rapidly or is very high. (ad)

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