Cancer through the use of talc baby powder

Cancer through the use of talc baby powder

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Illness due to baby powder: cancer patient receives high compensation
Although there have been warnings for years about health hazards from baby powder containing talc, such products are still commercially available. A cancer patient from the USA has now been awarded the equivalent of 64 million euros in damages. Your illness appears to be due to decades of use of baby powder.

Cancer from baby powder
A cancer patient from the United States has received damages from a court of $ 70 million (the equivalent of around € 64 million). The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, producer of a baby powder that the 62-year-old applicant had used for decades, has to pay. This product is said to have triggered ovarian cancer in women. Experts have been warning about the health risks of talc baby powder for years.

Baby powder for feminine hygiene
Three years ago, the now 62-year-old Deborah Giannecchini from California received the news that she had cancer.

As her lawyers reported in a report by the US media company Bloomberg, the woman used Johnson & Johnson's baby powder for her intimate hygiene until she was diagnosed over four decades ago.

Now she has an 80 percent risk of death over the next two years, and she has undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, the lawyers said.

Increased risk was known
The talc baby powder is said to be responsible for ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson was known "that studies in the past 30 years have shown an increased risk of ovarian cancer from talc," said Giannecchini's lawyer Allen Smith. But the company "developed a defense strategy to prevent government regulation of its products," said the lawyer. The group "knew that the public was not aware of the risk".

Around 1,700 lawsuits are currently underway against the producer
Earlier this year, the pharmaceutical giant was ordered to pay $ 72 million in damages after a woman died of ovarian cancer. She too had used the company's talc baby powder for decades. According to media reports, around 1,700 lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson are still pending.

The manufacturer sees himself wrongly convicted and wants to contest the judgment. "We are led by the science that proves the safety of Johnson's baby powder," said company spokeswoman Carol Goodrich.

Other health hazards
However, scientific studies in recent years have not only indicated a potential cancer risk from talc. Products with this mineral can also cause other health problems.

For example, in 2011 the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) issued a warning about talc baby powder. At the time, the experts wrote in a press release: “Talc powder containing baby talc can lead to serious health problems in babies and toddlers. If a baby or toddler inhales the powder accidentally, it can get into the lungs and lead to respiratory problems or serious lung damage. "

"According to many pediatricians, from a medical point of view, the use of talc baby powder is not necessary," the report said. A ban on such products has also been considered. (ad)

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