Minister of Health: Protect the health insured from excessive financial demands

Statutory health insurance: Protect contributors against excessive financial demands
The increases in health insurance contributions will probably not be stopped in the future either. Experts anticipate increasing contributions. Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml has now said that the contributors must be protected against excessive financial demands. A sustainable financing strategy from the statutory health insurers is needed.

Cash contributions expected to continue to rise
Health insurance costs are rising and rising. After experts reported a few months ago that the additional contribution could increase to more than 50 euros in the coming year, Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe spoke of scaremongering, but he also referred in the past to the fact that there is good care “not free of charge” and that it is about making the healthcare system financially sustainable. However, the fact that the statutory health insurance companies should receive a billion dollar injection from the health fund is not sustainable.

Sustainable financing strategy for statutory health insurance
Bavaria's Health Minister Melanie Huml has now pushed for a sustainable financing strategy for statutory health insurance (GKV). “We have to protect the contributors from a financial overload. It is gratifying that the average additional contribution rate in the SHI will remain stable for the next year. However, it should not be overlooked that part of the revenue in 2017 will come from the liquidity reserve of the health fund, ”said the politician, according to a message from the ministry.

Contribution money is used for tasks that affect society as a whole
Huml criticized: “This is not sustainable. Above all, contribution money is used for tasks for society as a whole. It is now particularly important to increase and increase the federal subsidy to the SHI. The federal budgetary reorganization at the expense of the GKV solidarity community must come to an end. "

“Statutory health insurance benefits, which are actually tasks for society as a whole, must be adequately financed from tax resources. The federal grant to the SHI must sufficiently refinance the non-insurance benefits. But that's not the case at the moment, ”said the Minister of Health.

Compensate for gaps permanently and to cover costs
The Federal Ministry of Health had already put the costs for non-insurance benefits in 2013 at over 30 billion euros. In 2016, however, the federal grant was only 14 billion euros - and will be fixed at 14.5 billion euros annually from 2017.

Bavaria's health minister once again called for funding gaps, such as the federal government's contribution to unemployment benefit II recipients, to be remedied not only at short notice by reaching into the reserves of the health fund. "This is not the right way. In the future, such gaps will have to be permanently compensated for by the federal government, ”said Huml. (ad)

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