Health: Energy drinks with alcohol damage the heart

Energy drinks: a risk to the heart
Energy drinks are particularly popular with young people. The sweet, caffeinated trend drinks are said to bring power and are often mixed with alcohol. For years, experts have been warning of the health risks - especially for the heart.

Awakeners especially popular with teenagers
Regardless of whether it is "Red Bull", "Monster" or "Booster": energy drinks are the trend. The caffeinated drinks should keep you awake and deliver "energy". However, the drinks are hazardous to health. High consumption can lead to rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. In addition, every sip of sugary drinks damages your teeth. Health experts therefore always advise caution when it comes to energy drinks.

Energy drinks increase the adrenaline level
In an interview with the dpa news agency, Dr. Heribert Brück, specialist for internal medicine and cardiology, what risks are hidden in the drinks for consumers. The press spokesman for the Federal Association of Resident Cardiologists (BNK) confirms that energy drinks can increase the adrenaline level and thus cause rapid heartbeat and cardiac arrhythmia.

This is particularly disadvantageous for activities that increase the heart rate anyway, such as sports or dancing. There is also an increase in blood pressure and inner restlessness.

Not suitable for children
According to the cardiologist, children are particularly sensitive to caffeine. They are usually not used to it either, so their reactions are particularly pronounced.

According to experts, energy drinks should be taboo for children.

Dangerous combination with alcohol
"Because adrenaline increases blood pressure and gives the heart a whip, so to speak," according to Brück, beverages are not recommended for patients with high blood pressure and with certain heart defects, such as narrowing of a heart valve or heart failure, he explains in the dpa interview.

The expert also goes into the dangerous combination of alcohol and energy drinks. According to the doctor, the alcohol effects can be masked temporarily by the energy drinks, which leads to the fact that more alcohol is added than is tolerable. In addition, alcohol itself can lead to irregular heartbeat.

Last but not least, this combination can apparently be addictive. For example, US scientists recently reported in the journal "PLOS ONE" about their study, which shows that caffeinated mixed drinks with alcohol can affect the brain like cocaine - especially in adolescents. (ad)

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