Ikea stops selling mineral oil-contaminated donuts - other suppliers are not responding

Ikea stops selling mineral oil-contaminated donuts - other suppliers are not responding

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Mineral oils harmful to health: Ikea stops selling contaminated donuts
The consumer magazine “Öko-Test” had found “strongly increased” concentrations of substances that are hazardous to health in a study of donuts. Furniture retailer Ikea has now stopped selling contaminated donuts. At other providers such as McDonald's and Co, such products are still on offer.

Mineral oil found in donuts
According to a recent study by the consumer magazine "Öko-Test", many donuts are full of artificial substances. The experts criticized not only the high levels of fatty pollutants, but also that "all tested products were contaminated with mineral oil", as stated in a message. "All brands are rattled with" insufficient "", writes the magazine. The furniture retailer Ikea has now responded and stopped selling contaminated donuts.

Ikea removes contaminated products from sales
As the consumer organization Foodwatch reports, a "Öko-Test" laboratory analysis in the frozen "B & B Pinky" donuts from the Ikea range showed a "greatly increased" concentration of the potentially harmful saturated mineral oils (MOSH).

Upon request from Foodwatch, the furniture chain said: “All donuts will be removed from the range with immediate effect and will no longer be sold in Ikea stores. (…) Such results are not acceptable to Ikea and will not be tolerated. ”

Pollutants from the packaging
The European Food Safety Authority EFSA classifies MOSH (Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons) as "potentially worrying". Some compounds can accumulate in human organs. These pollutants are believed to have passed from the packaging or through the production process to the donuts. Unfortunately there are always reports of mineral oil found in food packaging.

At other providers, charged donuts remain in the range
According to Foodwatch, other suppliers are apparently initially offering their donuts, which are also more heavily loaded, according to the "Öko-Test". At Foodwatch's request, Le Crobag, McDonald’s, Happy Donazz, Edeka, Globus and Real referred, among other things, to discussions with the suppliers about the consequences of the test, but not to a sales stop. Backwerk, Dunkin 'Donuts, Rewe and Tasty Donuts did not respond to the request.

Safe limit values ​​for mineral oils
Foodwatch asked these vendors to act just as consistently as Ikea and to remove the potentially harmful donuts from the market immediately. "In our opinion, the detection of questionable mineral oil concentrations must immediately stop sales," the consumer organization wrote in a message. The Federal Government and the EU were asked to finally set safe limit values ​​for mineral oils.

Carcinogenic and genotoxic
In the 15 donuts examined by "Öko-Test", the values ​​for MOSH in 11 products were "strongly" or "very strongly" increased. Aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAH) were also detected in four of them. These are considered to be potentially carcinogenic and genotoxic. "MOAH should therefore not be detectable in small traces in food," writes Foodwatch.

It is not the first time that the potential health risk posed by mineral oil in foods has been highlighted. The responsible German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) also refers to the dangers of aromatic mineral oils. After finding mineral oil components in Advent calendars last year, the BfR wrote: "The contamination of food with mineral oil components from packaging is undesirable." (Ad)

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