Abdominal pain and cramps more often due to bulging of the intestinal wall

Digestive tract complaints: protrusions of the intestinal wall are mostly harmless
Although it sounds quite dangerous when there are protuberances on the intestinal wall, there is usually no need to worry: the majority of those affected do not experience any complaints. However, inflammation with severe pain can occur in some cases.

Inflammation can cause severe pain
Although it sounds dramatic when there is talk of protrusions on the intestinal wall, also called intestinal diverticula, it can usually be cured quickly. Nevertheless, you should take them seriously, otherwise there is a risk of more serious health problems. Inflammation of the diverticula can cause severe pain and gastrointestinal complaints. "In this case, such a diverticular disease (diverticulitis) requires appropriate therapy to avoid serious complications," wrote the Gastro-Liga on its website.

Secondary diagnosis in a colonoscopy
The diverticular disease is often identified as a "secondary diagnosis" in a colonoscopy for the early detection of colon cancer.

Signs of diverticulitis can include severe abdominal pain, cramps, fever, and bowel problems such as constipation or diarrhea.

If such inflammation is not treated, according to the experts, the risk of complications such as an intestinal breakthrough or the formation of abscesses increases.

In the case of mild complaints, changing the diet can help
In the case of mild complaints, changing the diet to a light diet can alleviate the symptoms. "A temporary waiver of food is also possible," reports the Gastro League.

Therapy should always be carried out under constant medical supervision. Sometimes the administration of certain pain relievers or antibiotics is possible. In the case of severe or prolonged complaints, however, treatment in the hospital is often necessary. Surgical removal of the section of the intestine carrying the diverticulum may also be necessary.

According to the experts, surgery can also be considered if chronically recurring inflammatory episodes permanently impair the quality of life and cannot be adequately managed with conventional therapy methods. (ad)

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