Otolaryngologists give online consultation hours

Otolaryngologists give online consultation hours

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Online video consultation hour started in NRW
If you live a little further away from the next big city, you usually have to plan a lot of time to see the nearest specialist. When it comes to investigations, this cannot be avoided. But to discuss results or discuss the course of treatment with the doctor, a personal visit to the practice is not always necessary. Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), HNOnet-NRW, an association of resident ENT specialists, and software company Patientus have been testing an online video consultation in everyday practice since October. It should be as individual and informative as a visit to the doctor, but at the same time it should mean significantly less effort for the patient.

The door to telemedicine in the medical ENT area has been open to insured persons at the TK since October 1st. Around 25 ear, nose and throat doctors from North Rhine-Westphalia have participated in the project so far, and the trend is rising. For optimal medical follow-up care - the participating doctors discuss this with their patients in advance - medical reports, explanations and follow-up checks can now be carried out digitally. There is also the possibility of viewing medical digital images together digitally. "For patients, the online video consultation also offers medical services outside of normal office hours," explains Dr. Lothar Bleckmann, CEO of HNOnet NRW eG. the advantages. "It makes it easier for medical professionals to care for patients who have already been to the doctor's office in person."

The project partners aim to integrate the video consultation into the outpatient specialist care so that insured persons can more easily access medical services. Günter van Aalst, Head of the TK State Representation in North Rhine-Westphalia: “The healthcare system has made the step from typewriter to PC, and now the leap into the digital age must follow. With telemedicine, expert knowledge will enter the patient's living room. ”
Data security is guaranteed by modern security and encryption standards. In addition, conversation content is not saved. An individual appointment tan ensures that the appointment runs smoothly. Patients do not need any additional hardware or software. A PC or laptop with an Internet connection and a standard webcam is sufficient.

Initial experience shows that the online video consultation works technically well and is also rated positively by the patients. "It does justice to the technical possibilities of our time," summarizes Dr. Bleckmann together. "It combines comfort for the patient with good medical care."

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