Rare: Baby in the United States was born twice

After tumor removed: baby was born twice
In the United States, a baby's life was saved with the help of a rare operation. Doctors took the fetus out of the womb as early as the 24th week of pregnancy, operated on the coccyx and replanted it in the mother. The girl was born healthy twelve weeks later.

Born twice
In the United States, doctors have given birth to a baby twice. According to a report by the news channel "CNN", the doctors at the "Texas Children's Fetal Center" in Houston had taken LynLee out of the womb after 23 weeks and five days of pregnancy, removed a tumor on the tailbone and put the fetus back into the womb .

Tumor removed from tailbone
The mother of the little girl, Margaret Boemer from Plano, Texas, found out during a routine check-up at week 16 that there were problems with her pregnancy. The doctors had discovered a so-called sacrococcygeal teratoma, a tumor on the coccyx, on the ultrasound image. According to the information, this occurs in unborn babies once in every 35,000 births, more often in girls than in boys.

"This is the most common tumor we see in unborn babies," said Dr. Darrell Cass, deputy director of the Texas Children's Fetal Center. "But even if it's the most common we see, it's still pretty rare."

The baby would not have survived without surgery
In some cases, the tumor could still be removed after birth, but in the case described, the tumor sucked so much blood that the fetus would not have survived - surgery was the last option. "LynLee didn't have many chances," said the mother. "It was an easy decision for us: we wanted to help her live."

Born by caesarean
During the procedure, which, according to CNN, lasted five hours, the doctors opened the uterus and removed most of the tumor. The girl was born healthy by Caesarean section twelve weeks later. Eight days later, the rest of the tumor was removed in another operation. The baby is now almost five months old.

Second operation of this kind
LynLee is said to be a twin, but the second child lost the mother during pregnancy. Ms. Boemer said after the birth of her daughter: "It was very difficult". But she was also overjoyed and said: "It was worth all the pain."

For Dr. Darrell Cass was the second surgery of its kind. The previous one was also a success: "I think she is about seven now and she sings karaoke to Taylor Swift - it is completely normal," said the doctor. (ad)

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