Blood pressure: Belly fat can greatly increase the risk of hypertension

Big belly increases risk of high blood pressure
It has long been known that obesity is associated with an increased health risk. Among other things, this increases the risk of high blood pressure and the resulting diseases. The circumference of the waist plays a particularly important role here: a big belly can be dangerous.

Being overweight is a health hazard
Numerous scientific studies have shown that being fat is unhealthy. Obesity and obesity, among other things, increase the risk of high blood pressure. And not just in adults: Even children who have overweight have high blood pressure. The circumference of the waist plays a very special role here.

Every centimeter less waist circumference has a positive effect
In the belly fat, hormones and inflammation-promoting messengers that influence blood pressure develop, as the German Heart Foundation explains in a new guide on the subject. Accordingly, every centimeter less waist circumference has a positive effect on high blood pressure. According to the experts, women should aim for a waist circumference of less than 88 centimeters, men less than 102 centimeters.

Around 20 million Germans affected
According to the foundation, around 20 million adults in Germany alone have high blood pressure. Of particular concern is the high number of unreported cases for those who know nothing about the "silent killer" in their bodies: around 20 percent of those affected. "For these four million people, the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney damage and vision loss increases significantly," the experts write in a message.

Lower hypertension naturally
Hypertension patients often quickly take hypotensive drugs, but in many cases the disease can be treated without medication. In addition to regular exercise, a healthy, varied diet with little fat, sugar and salt should be mentioned here. Food with lots of carbohydrates should be avoided. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption should also be avoided.

Relaxation exercises for stress relief such as yoga or autogenic training can also be very effective and have a positive effect on high blood pressure values. Some home remedies for high blood pressure, such as Kneipp treatments, can offer good support. (ad)

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