Autistic boy can't stand human touch - A therapy dog ​​could help

Therapy dog ​​saves autistic boys from great loneliness
An autistic boy from the United States doesn't like it when other people touch him. He therefore suffers from great loneliness. An aid organization now helped him to a therapy dog. In this, the five-year-old Kainoa finally found a friend.

Animals help people
Therapy with animals has proven extremely promising for various diseases. Dogs in particular are used time and again to help people. Among other things, in borderline patients who get a daily structure from dogs or in people with depression who take the first steps to communicate with people through contact with an animal.

Five-year-old boys find it difficult to make contact with other people
Even with autism, contact with the four-legged friends can have a positive impact on people's lives. An American family was also allowed to experience this. Their son Kainoa is autistic and does not allow touching other people.

According to media reports, contact with other people is difficult for the little one. The five-year-old suffers a lot from the fact that he has no friends. Thanks to a dog, the child's situation has now improved a lot.

Supporting a non-profit aid organization
The American family, currently living in Japan, got the therapy dog ​​"Tornado". According to media reports, it took two years for the boy to get the four-legged friend. The family was supported by the non-profit organization "4 Paws for Ability" based in Ohio.

Relationship based on trust
Kainoa apparently has no fear of contact with the four-legged friend. Recordings that are distributed in the media show, among other things, how he lies relaxed on the stomach of the Golden Retriever.

Such situations are still surprising for the boy's mother, Shannon Niehaus. "I can't touch my son, I can't hug, I can't dress or wash," she writes on Facebook. But her son reacts to the animal with confidence.

“As a mother, I saw countless challenging and painful moments that my son experienced and I cried even more. But yesterday I cried for another reason. It is an indescribable feeling, ”said the mother the day after“ Tornado ”arrived.

Congenital and incurable disorder
Autism is usually described as a congenital, incurable perception and information processing disorder of the brain. According to some scientists, it begins even before birth.

Symptoms and individual expression can range from mild behavioral problems to severe intellectual disabilities. Common to all autistic disabilities is an impairment of social behavior, for example due to difficulties in speaking to other people or using and understanding facial expressions and body language. (ad)

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