Do only stupid people drink conventional cola?

Do only stupid people drink conventional cola?

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Provocative thesis: Only stupid people drink cola
It sounds striking and provocative: only stupid people drink cola? Sweet soft drinks like cola or lemonade are by no means healthy. They damage the body and do not contribute to human nutrition. And yet the sugary drinks are consumed in bulk, even though they are responsible for diseases such as diabetes, heart attack or obesity. In an interview, the renowned US scientist Walter Willett has once again warned of the dangers of soft drinks.

High sugar levels favor overweight and diabetes
Whether cola, fanta or mezzo mix: health experts repeatedly warn against excessive consumption of carbonated soft drinks. The reason: In addition to the high sugar, the popular drinks also contain other ingredients such as phosphoric acid and caffeine, the regular consumption of which in large quantities can lead to high blood pressure and heart diseases. Months ago, for example, the pharmacist Niraj Naik had described in his blog on "The Renegade Pharmacist" what happens in the body after drinking a can of cola.

Soft drinks make you addicted and sick
Now Harvard professor Walter Willett has once again pointed out the risks in an interview with the women's magazine "Brigitte". Accordingly, the sugar it contains not only makes you fat, but also addictive and sick - which is why cola, fanta and Co. should be avoided. "Smart people don't drink cola," said the nutritionist, who is considered to be very influential worldwide, in an interview with the women's magazine.

Conversely, the fact that only "stupid" people consume the soft drink is simply not clear. However, it is clear that a liter of cola with more than 35 pieces of sugar cubes (106 grams in total) contains a lot of sugar. If you take a bottle of the sweet drink, you have already exceeded or just reached the recommended daily amount of sugar. Because, according to the Association of the European Food Industry, it is 90 grams for women and 110 grams for men. (No)

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