Contamination during test: recall for three birth control pills

Contamination detected: Recall started for three birth control pills
Certain batches of three birth control pills are currently being recalled. Contaminations were found in the drugs during controls. The stated durability is sometimes not guaranteed. However, this has no effect on the effects of the medication.

Call back due to slight contamination
The pharmaceutical companies Puren Pharma, Teva and Ratiopharm are currently recalling special batches of birth control pills containing the active ingredient desogestrel, reports the portal "". The companies therefore announced that "within the scope of the ongoing stability investigation", the chemical purity of the preparations Tevanette (Teva) and Yvette (Ratiopharm) was found to be slightly different from the specification.

No impact on the effect
The message also states that the product Diamilla (Puren Pharma) "results outside the specification for a degradation product were determined", "so that the specified shelf life of 36 months cannot be guaranteed for all batches." According to the current assessment of With the slight deviation from the specification, there is no impairment of the contraceptive effect.

If necessary, contact the doctor or pharmacist
"For precautionary reasons, we recommend not using the affected medication," the portal writes. However, women should “never stop or stop ongoing treatments on their own. If in doubt, take the pack with you and ask the pharmacy whether the batch is affected or whether the effectiveness could be impaired. "

According to various media, a spokesman for the pharmaceutical company Teva, which also includes Ratiopharm, has now responded to the recall and said that the safety and effectiveness are not impaired. Women who are already taking the preparation could continue to do so or contact a doctor or pharmacist.

Health risks from birth control pills
The contraceptive pill, together with the condom, is one of the most popular contraceptives among Germans, but not all women can or do want to use the medication that is associated with unpleasant side effects. For some women, birth control pills can also be dangerous. According to experts, there is a high risk of thrombosis from modern contraceptive pills. In addition to the medicinal products, hormone-free alternatives to contraception are also available, which cause little or no strain on health. (ad)

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