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Enigmatic suffering: The patient is forced to satisfy himself after a beer

Enigmatic illness: Young man masturbates publicly after a small beer without shame
Scientists from China report on a case that is unique worldwide. A young man in the country develops psychotic symptoms after consuming very little alcohol. Among other things, he then shamelessly masturbates in public.

Psychotic symptoms in alcoholism
It is well known that psychotic symptoms often develop in patients with alcoholism. Some people may experience perception disorders or delusions during or shortly after taking alcohol. However, scientists from China are now reporting a case in which such symptoms appear even after the smallest amount of alcohol - in a young man who is not dependent on alcohol.

So far unique case
As far as they know, the Chinese scientists of the "Department of Psychiatry, Xiamen Xianyue Hospital" in Xiamen and the "School of Nursing, Sun Yat-Sen University" in Guangzhou report in the journal "Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment" that were recorded in the specialist literature. The patient said that she consented to the publication of the case report.

Shamelessly masturbating in public
According to the report, 24-year-old Mr. Z. developed psychotic symptoms just ten minutes after drinking two glasses of beer (200 milliliters). The previously healthy student got very excited and started screaming that his parents were in danger and he had to go to save them.

He also masturbated in public without feeling shame and that even though there were two fellow students. He was immediately taken to a hospital.

Patient is afraid for his father
His strange behavior continued there. He asked that the door and the curtains be closed. When the sisters turned on the light, he shouted at her. When he saw his father, he took his hands as if he was afraid of losing him. The patient closed his eyes but was unable to sleep all night. He called his father every five minutes to make sure he was around. If he didn't answer, the young man became very nervous.

Medicines brought improvement
The examinations by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and 24-hour electroencephalogram did not reveal anything conspicuous. Further tests to diagnose mental disorders also provided no explanation for the behavior of the 24-year-old. Just as little as the 0.2 per mille that was measured on him. He had only consumed alcohol two or three times in the three months before.

The doctors therefore concluded that the symptoms were transient and not schizophrenia. They therefore gave the patient quetiapine, a drug that is used to treat mental disorders. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Z. was discharged symptom-free.

Stay away from alcohol
But only around 40 days later did the whole thing repeat itself after drinking a small beer with relatives. The father brought him to the clinic, where he again received successful drug therapy. The alcohol level was hardly worth mentioning in this case either.

When he returned to the hospital about 30 days later and the doctors heard that Mr. Z. had previously drunk three glasses of 150 milliliter beer, they concluded that the small amount of alcohol in the patient was apparently the cause of the seizures.

The doctors then advised the man to stay away from beer. And that worked: “Since then he has stopped taking the medicine and has stopped drinking alcohol. He is also performing well at the university (as before), ”the doctors write.

The exact cause is still unclear
The scientists Da-Li Lu and Xiao-Ling Lin are still not quite clear why the small amounts of alcohol have such a great effect. In their publication, they speculate whether Mr. Z. may show early symptoms of schizophrenia and whether alcohol promotes the psychotic episodes associated with it. However, the patient may also have an anxiety disorder related to alcohol consumption. (ad)

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