How important is a happy partnership?

How important is a happy partnership?

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Representative survey: Most Germans dream of a happy partnership
For most Germans, a happy partnership is one of the greatest goals in life. For most German citizens, it is more important than financial independence. Firm partnerships can also serve health.

Happy partnership as a "lifelong dream"
What the Germans really want cannot be bought. This also shows a survey of the magazine "Geo", about which the news agency dpa reports. According to the representative Forsa survey, in which 1,005 adults took part, a happy partnership is one of the greatest goals in life for the majority of people in Germany. No matter whether young or old, woman or man - around 80 percent of the respondents each described a lasting relationship as a “lifelong dream”.

Financial independence is less important
Financial independence was only slightly behind in all age groups. It was mentioned by a total of 77 percent of the respondents.

In addition to the question about dreams - there were also “own children”, “many trips” and “professional success” to choose from - the participants should also answer whether they came true.

According to the information, more than one in two (54 percent) stated that they had realized the wish for a happy partnership. With money, the success rate was only 36 percent.

Partners benefit from each other in terms of health
People who live in a happy partnership are doing something good for their health. Men benefit in particular because women promote the health of their partners because they care more about healthy eating, smoke less, drink less alcohol and generally pay more attention to their bodies.

The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) had also pointed out in the past that women are key figures in terms of health for men.

Scientific studies have also shown how important partnerships are for the physical well-being of those involved. In a study, British scientists came to the conclusion that many people live healthier thanks to the partner, for example because they have unhealthy lifestyle habits. (ad)

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