Sensational surgery: Siamese twins separated in a 27-hour operation

Sensational surgery: Siamese twins separated in a 27-hour operation

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Doctors separate heads of Siamese twins in 27-hour surgery
In New York, doctors have successfully separated two conjoined Siamese twins. The operation of the 13-month-old boy took 27 hours. Without the surgery, the children would have had little life expectancy.

Siamese twins separated in marathon operating room
At the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, two Siamese twins, head-to-head, have been successfully separated after a total of 27 hours of medical intervention. The separation of the two skulls alone took around 16 hours, reports the news channel "CNN". As a result, further operations were necessary to complete the heads of the two brothers.

Low life expectancy without surgery
As the mother Nicole McDonald wrote on Facebook after the operation, the two 13-month-old Jadon and Anias had shared an approximately five by seven centimeter area of ​​brain tissue.

According to the information, the parents were faced with a difficult decision, as about 80 percent of the conjoined Siamese twins die within the first two years of life without such an intervention. The surgery can also cause permanent brain damage.

Recovery will take weeks
They opted for the procedure and have not looked back. "Two separate babies," the mother wrote on Facebook after the operation. “Because of the stone that was still heavy in my stomach, I was hardly able to say the word“ thank you ”.

She also commented on her fears: "The next few months will be crucial for recovery and we will not know for sure how Anias and Jadon will recover for many weeks."

Nicole McDonald's post has now been shared more than 10,000 times. In addition, thousands of family members expressed their congratulations in likes and comments.

Malformation in identical twins
The term "Siamese twins" is used in medicine to denote an abnormal development in identical twins, through which the children are connected after birth. Experts believe that approximately a Siamese pair of twins has one million live births. The connection can only be limited to external tissue, or it can also extend to the internal organs.

In most cases, the growth occurs in the chest area. If the children have all the vital organs, surgical intervention is possible, but the separation of babies that have grown together at the head is considered very risky. (ad)

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