Doctors remove over 18 centimeters long tail during surgery

18-centimeter tail removed from a young man's back
According to media reports, doctors in India have removed an 18 centimeter tail from a young man's back. The outgrowth had joked the 18-year-old. In children born with a tail on the back, the outgrowth is usually corrected in the first few months.

18-centimeter tail grown on the back
A news report from northern India is currently making international headlines. In the city of Nagpur, an 18-year-old man who had grown his back was removed from an 18-year-old man. As the British “Telegraph” reports, the parents believed that the outgrowth was a “lucky charm”. However, this caused the teenager more and more pain, so he decided to have it removed.

As a rule, the defect is treated early
According to the information, the operation in the Super Specialty Hospital (SSH) in Nagpur was successful. Dr. Pramod Giri told The Times of India (TOI): "In general, the defect is recognized very early because it is present from birth, and as it grows with age, it cannot go undetected."

"But the parents and also the child kept it secret all the years." According to the doctor, the defect is usually corrected within a few months after birth.

Patients are doing well again
He added: “As the size of the tail increased and a bone formed in it, it pressed against the boy's back. It was cosmetically and psychologically disruptive for him. ”According to the doctor, such cases are extremely rare, the current one should be discussed in a medical journal, because it was obviously“ the longest tail ”that has been registered so far.

According to the clinic, the teenager is doing well. He could now sleep on his back again, which "he was very happy about". (ad)

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