Do superfleas inhabit the bedrooms of hundreds of thousands of people?

Do superfleas inhabit the bedrooms of hundreds of thousands of people?

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Fleas bigger and with a huge penis?
Are you afraid of bedbugs and fleas? Then you probably won't like a report from Great Britain. Various media there claim that billions of so-called super fleas will enter British bedrooms in the coming months. The most striking feature of these fleas, according to British media reports, is a very large penis. Are these parasites real and also a danger to German bedrooms?

The supposed super fleas are said to be much larger than other species and have a huge genus as a special feature. This can be up to two and a half times the full body length of the flea. No other type of flea has anything comparable, according to various British media. But doubts about the veracity of such reports are entirely appropriate.

Almost all fleas prefer warm-blooded mammals
Fleas are parasites that live on warm-blooded animals. Almost all species parasitize mammals (94 percent), but a few species also infect birds (6 percent). The fleas prefer certain host animals, but are not dependent on them. Humans are often victims of insects.

Pets drag fleas into our living room
How do the tiny parasites get into our living room and bedroom? Generally all fleas, including the pests from Great Britain, are mostly carried into the living room by pets.

Climate-friendly increase in fleas
The flea population is subject to annual fluctuations, although an increasing spread is to be expected in the course of climate change. The weather conditions were ideal for the flea population this year. The warm summer and the right balance of rain and sun created a mild and humid climate, which was optimal for the propagation of the fleas.

The cold weather is now driving the parasites into apartments and houses
Now that the weather is getting colder, the fleas are trying to find a way into the houses. For this reason, British media speculate that they could soon infect many sofas and bedrooms in Great Britain.

There are a lot of extremely fertile fleas this year
The parasites usually have a much longer hibernation, but this year they became active earlier, which led to particularly fertile breeding and thus to a larger number of fleas. If there are more fleas, the likelihood of being bitten by a flea increases, of course. However, reports of supposed super fleas are not tenable, according to insectologists. The invasion of a particularly large flute race is not imminent.

How do I recognize flea bites and how can I treat them?
Flea bites usually look like little red spots on our skin. These spots often start to itch very strongly and can often be found on our feet and legs - usually several in one place. The flea bites should be washed off thoroughly with soap and water and then an antiseptic cream can be applied to the irritated skin, doctors advise. (as)

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