Back pain a major mass problem: almost 37 million in treatment

Back pain a major mass problem: almost 37 million in treatment

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Almost every second German citizen is being treated for back problems
Back pain has become a real widespread disease. The number of people who have to be treated for such complaints has increased significantly in recent years. Last year almost every second German went to a doctor's office for musculoskeletal or connective tissue disorders.

Almost 37 million back patients
Almost half of the German population (36.7 million patients) went to a doctor's office last year for musculoskeletal or connective tissue disorders. This emerges from the current infographic "The most common diseases in German medical practices" of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV). 22.1 million of these patients had spinal and back problems.

Strengthen muscles
Back pain can sometimes have psychological causes, but health experts say that over 80 percent of these ailments are muscular. Specialists therefore usually advise to strengthen the back muscles. If symptoms develop, special back pain exercises or heat therapy can help. Further tips for back pain: avoid or lose weight if necessary and exercise regularly.

Respiratory system diseases ranked second
Respiratory system diseases (35.1 million), such as inflammation of the sinuses, rank second in the largest groups of diseases. The third most common are endocrine nutritional and metabolic diseases (29.5 million). This is followed by diseases of the circulatory system (28.5 million) such as high blood pressure and mental behavior disorders (25.6 million). These include, for example, anxiety disorders.

Over 550 million treatment cases
According to the KBV, the strongest increase since 2010 can be seen in neurotic, stress and somatoform disorders. “This diagnosis increased by 19.6 percent, making it the most common in the group of mental behavior disorders. 13.6 million patients were treated for this in 2015, ”the experts write in a message. According to the KBV, the resident doctors and psychotherapists recorded a total of around 552 million treatment cases in Germany last year. (ad)

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