No pain to warn: the liver suffers dangerously quiet

Precaution: Liver diseases are often easy to treat even in old age
Around ten million Germans have elevated liver values. This also increases the risk of developing liver disease in the course of life. These diseases are usually severe and therefore life-threatening. The problem: the sick liver doesn't hurt, it suffers silently. Therefore, preventive examinations are all the more important.

Liver diseases progress faster in old age
"The typical preventive examinations in older people mainly relate to colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer," explains Prof. Dr. Michael P. Manns, CEO of the German Liver Foundation in a current release. "This is problematic, because liver diseases are faster than in adolescence, especially in old age. That is why early diagnosis is crucial for older people. ”

The liver suffers silently
Especially when it comes to a sick liver, because it suffers silent, does not hurt and rarely leads to clear symptoms. Therefore, a disease of this organ often remains undetected for a long time. For example, chronic liver inflammation can develop unnoticed due to fatty liver or hepatitis infection, which can result in liver cirrhosis or even liver cell cancer after many years.

Pay attention to the liver values
A pathological liver can usually be recognized by the "liver values". The GPT and GOT values ​​are particularly important. The sooner a liver disease is recognized, the better the chances of improvement or healing. This early diagnosis of liver diseases is particularly important for older people because the diseases and thus the damage to the liver progress faster in old age.

Medicines for hepatitis C also effective in the elderly
The early diagnosis of liver diseases in the elderly is also important because many liver diseases can still be treated well in old age. Current results from the German Hepatitis C Register show that patients older than 70 years can also be treated effectively and safely with the new drugs against hepatitis C. (ad)

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